42 Dugg Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Real Name & Girlfriend

42 Dugg Net Worth

Although shorter in stature than other popular rappers in the US, many wonder just how tall is 42 Dugg. Continue reading to find out the answer and to be astounded by his height.

42 Dugg, an American rapper, and songwriter made waves in the music scene with collaborations alongside Lil Baby. Following the launch of successful singles such as Grace and We Paid, he served as an advisor to Lil Baby and Yo Gotti when they signed a strategic partnership between the collective music group (CMG) and 4PF Records.

Popularity on various social media sites came easy for 42 Dugg, as he has garnered over two million followers on Instagram and 429K subscribers on YouTube. Unfortunately, at such a young age, he also served 6 years in prison.
However, fans of 42 Dugg often question his actual height, considering his small stature on the stage.

Who is 42 Dugg?

Who is 42 Dugg

Full Name Dion Marquise Hayes
Birth Date/ Age November 25, 1994 / 27 years old
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Source of Wealth Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $2.5 million


Early life

Dion Marquise Hayes, known as 42 Dugg, was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 25, 1994. From an early age, he often found himself in trouble and seldom attended school, opting to spend his time partying instead. At just fifteen years old, he faced legal trouble that resulted in a six-year prison sentence.

Although Dugg never revealed the real cause for his imprisonment, it is known that he often got into fights with fellow inmates and was eventually placed in solitary confinement during his fifth year of incarceration. It was here that he first developed an interest in music as he used it as a means of finding solace and relaxation. Upon his release, he quickly set out on his mission to make music his career.

42 Dugg’s Personal Life

In recent times, 42 Dugg has been mired in controversy as a result of his ex-girlfriend, Jazmin Re’Nae, dubbing him a ‘Fat Booty Man’. On top of that, the artist has also faced legal trouble in 2020; he was apprehended on federal firearms charges on March 10, then detained again on August 4th when he failed to stop at a red light. However, 42 Dugg was eventually released after he was able to post a $20,000 bail bond. Currently, he is single.

In February 2021, acclaimed hip-hop artist OMB Peezy was arrested after using a gun during the filming of a music video featuring Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg. While no serious injuries were reported, 42 Dugg was reportedly hurt in the incident. The police charged Peezy in connection with the weapon.

42 Dugg Net Worth and Career in Music

In 2017, 42 Dugg first crossed paths with rising American rapper Lil Baby. By that point, 42 Dugg had already begun making waves with the hit songs, STFU and The Streets. He took a flight to Atlanta a year later, to join forces with Lil Baby and his team. This move ultimately earned him a recording contract with Lil Baby’s 4PF label. Soon enough, his lyrical prowess was acknowledged by Yo Gotti, who subsequently added him to his Collective.

Gaining popularity following his feature on Lil Baby’s February 2020 smash hit single Grace, which reached a peak position of number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100, 42 Dugg was further propelled into the spotlight with his appearance on the number 10 Billboard Hot 100 track We Paid three months later. His success was cemented when his own mixtape, Young & Turnt 2, was released in March 2020 and reached 58th on the Billboard 200.

42 Dugg Height, Weight & Measurements

42 Dugg Height, Weight & Measurements


42 Dugg is quite diminutive, standing at a height of 5’1 (156 cm) and weighing approximately 58 kg (128 lbs). His measurements are 38 (chest), 28 (waist), and 35 (hips), while his hair and eyes are both dark, black, and brown respectively.

42 Dugg’s Girlfriend & Controversies

At present, 42 Dugg is single, but in the past, he had been in a relationship with a woman named Jazmin Re’Nae. Controversy arose after his ex publicly called him a Fat Booty Man.

In 2020, Dugg was arrested on two separate occasions. First, federal gun charges were pressed against him on March 10th. Later, on August 4th, police arrested him for running a stop sign, with a bond of $20,000 for his release.

During the music video shoot of Dugg and Roddy Ricch in February 2021, OMB Peezy discharged a firearm, which resulted in Dugg sustaining an injury. Fortunately, nobody was severely hurt in the episode. Subsequently, the authorities apprehended Peezy for carrying a gun unlawfully.

42 Dugg Net Worth

Predictions have put 42 Dugg’s net worth at $2.5 million come 2022. The rap sensation is only just beginning to show the world his incredible musical prowess and has already achieved much in the way of success. Undoubtedly, this amount is sure to grow exponentially in the future as he continues to create amazing hits.


Despite standing at just 5 feet 1 inch (approximately 155cm), 42 Dugg has certainly showcased his musical talent within the rap niche, garnering significant fame and wealth in the process. Given his success and acumen within the music industry, particularly within rap, 42 Dugg is sure to experience much more fame and prosperity in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Question

How old is 42 Dugg?

On November 25, 1995, he was born, now making him 26 years of age.

How tall is 42 Dugg?

He stands at a height of roughly 5 feet and one inch.

Is 42 Dugg in a relationship?

His past includes one known relationship. We are pleased to present an in-depth look into 42 Dugg’s net worth, age, height, career, weight, romantic life, parents, and more. Any further details that surface will be added to the profile.

Is he married?



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