Aimsey Height, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career & Relationships

Aimsey, a Welsh Twitch Streamer and Social Media Personality, is well-known for her engaging broadcasts on Twitch, garnering over 420k followers. Moreover, Aimsey is affiliated with Misfits Gaming and has taken part in multiple competitions regarding Minecraft and Among Us. As of 2022, her estimated net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Aimsey Height Age Bio Net Worth

Full Name    Aimee
Birth Date/ Age   December 11, 2001/ 20 years old
Birth Place   Swansea, Wales
Profession   Twitch Streamer and Social Media Personality
Relationship Status   In a Relationship
Net Worth   $200,000

Early Life

Raised in Swansea, Wales, Aimee has chosen to remain anonymous in regards to her true name and education. During her childhood, she found work as an actress in British television shows, including Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Casualty, and Torchwood.


In 2019, Aimsey began streaming her gameplay under the name Toadallyaimee. During this period, she played a variety of games including Toontown and Roblox.

After taking a pause, she returned to streaming in April of 2020, when she established the Aimsey brand to encourage her channel. It’s likely the sudden free time granted by the pandemic acted as a stimulant for her to end her streaming hiatus.

Aimsey’s fanbase took off shortly after she resumed streaming. She is an influential member of BearSMP, a popular Minecraft server, and has collaborated with prominent streamers like Billzo and Tubbo. Aimsey claims to be a run-of-the-mill streamer, only better.

With 3 million devoted fans and 27 million worldwide likes, she has built a significant presence on TikTok through her videos crafted around gaming. Furthermore, she has also participated in tournaments like the Minecraft Championship, in which numerous YouTubers and streamers take part.

Aimsey Height, Weight & Measurements

Aimsey is of a relatively short stature, standing at a height of 5 feet or 153 cm, and a weight of 50 kg or 110 pounds. Unfortunately, her body measurements are currently unavailable. She has light brown hair and eyes.

Personal Life

Aimsey recently disclosed her bisexuality and her two-year relationship with a girl named Serena. She’s no longer subject to flirtations from suitors who, prior to her announcement, often pursued her.

On top of that, Aimsey has candidly addressed her ADHD and how she deals with it. As a confirmed cat lover, Aimsey is a proud parent of two cats: Pip and Ollie. She’s also the proud sibling of a sister whom she mentioned in one of her tweets.

Aimsey Net Worth

By the year 2022, Aimsey had accrued a net worth of two-hundred-thousand dollars. Although she had only recently reached adulthood, she had already earned more money than most people her age could only fantasize about. Her main source of income is derived from donations received through Twitch streams, provided by her devoted followers.

By collaborating with Misfits Gaming, Aimsey secured an income agreement through multiple sponsorship deals. G-Fuel, an energy drink specifically designed for gamers and endorsed by PewDiePie, is one of her sponsors. Moreover, Aimsey set up an Amazon wishlist, enabling her supporters to purchase any of the items she desires.

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