Binh Ho Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘House of Ho’ Star Actually?

A Vietnamese-American investment banker and entrepreneur, Binh Ho is a familiar name after his appearance on HBO Max’s “House of Ho” docuseries. The program showcased the journey of an affluent family, with Binh currently holding the post of Lu Investment, Inc. As of 2022, it is projected that Binh’s net worth is around $350 million.Binh Ho Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘House of Ho’ Star Actually?

Full Name  Binh Ho
Birth Date  1949
Birth Place  Vietnam
Profession Investment Banker
Wife  Hue Ho
Net Worth  $350 million

Early Life

Born in Vietnam, Binh Ho, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, and his wife Hue came to the United States as refugees in 1975, settling in Fredericksburg, Texas. Although the couple harbored big aspirations, they were unable to take steps to make them a reality due to their unfamiliarity with the English language and the challenging situation they found themselves in.

Can you tell me how much money Binh Ho makes?

Binh and Hue, a married couple, found their start working in humble roles – Hue in a Circle K Convenience store and Binh in an Exxon gas station – to get by in a large city. During her time at Circle K, Hue gained a better command of the English language from a former Schreiner University teacher. Despite their modest wages, the couple managed to live with the minimum salary they were paid.

Through dedication and perseverance, they rose up and became successful, now introducing themselves as multi-millionaires. Binh and Hue own a highly profitable real estate development business, making investments in commercial and residential projects throughout Texas.

Binh and Hue are proud owners of a bank, making Banking and investment an essential part of their lives. As a result of this, they have managed to accumulate considerable wealth. The public had a glimpse of their story in the documentary series “House of Ho” that was released on December 10, 2020. The series portrayed the Ho family, which consists of Binh, Hue, their children Judy, Washington, aunt Tina, and cousin Sammy.

She is Binh Ho’s wife, Hue Ho

Binh Hu’s private life has been laid bare in recent years. He has been married to his partner, Hue Ho, who is currently 66 years of age. Since his first days of hardship, Hue has remained steadfast by Binh’s side.
The couple have two offspring; their eldest daughter Judy is a practicing attorney who has three children from a previous marriage. Their youngest son Washington is 39 years old and married to Lesley Ho; the pair have four children together.

Binh Ho Net Worth

Binh Ho has amassed an estimated net worth of $350 million through his endeavors in real estate and investment banking. With his career still flourishing, this number is expected to climb even higher in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Binh Ho’s age?

It was Binh Ho’s 73rd birthday and he had been born in 1949.

Binh Ho’s son?

There is a Washington Ho in Binh Ho’s family.

Can you tell me who Binh Ho’s wife is?

He has two children, Judy and Washington, with his wife Hue Ho.

Can you tell me what Binh Ho’s profession is?

He is one of the most prominent investment bankers and entrepreneurs in the country.

How much money is the “Ho Family ”?

In Forbes’ list of 2021 Singapore’s 50 Richest NET WORTH, the Ho family is ranked third with a net worth of $1.7 billion.

Binh Ho’s net worth?

Approximately $350 million is Binh Ho’s net worth.

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