Bob Menery Net Worth: How Rich is Instagram Star Actually?

In 2023, Forbes will reveal Bob Menery’s net worth. To get all the details about this famous celebrity, this reliable blog for celebrities provides you with a full biography of Menery, as well as his weight, height, personal life, career, age, and relationship status. Discover how much he makes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, whether or not he is the voice of BWW, and the total of his net worth in 2023. In addition, you’ll find a multitude of interesting facts that you won’t want to miss! Bob Menery Net Worth

Name   Bob Menery
Net Worth   $6 million
Gender   Male
Date of birth   10th of June 1987
Place of birth   North Andover, Massachusetts
Nationality   United States
Source of Wealth   Instagram Star
Height   5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm
Weight   65 kg or 143 pounds
Last Updated   2023

Who is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery is a renowned American Instagram Comedian who skyrocketed to fame thanks to his knack as a sportscaster. Additionally, he is active on other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bob has an online shop offering merch, and he has been featured on the TV series “Billions.” According to the 2023 update, his net worth stands at a staggering $6 million.

Bob Menery Net Worth & Career

Bob Menery captivated all the affection and appreciation with his captivating vocalizations. His notoriety grew after the public began to adore his sports broadcaster voice. He capitalized on this notoriety by traveling to theatrical landmarks and performing his witty shenanigans.

Prior to his fame, Bob was a caddy at the Wilshire Country Club. Now, he is presented with numerous opportunities, such as an invitation to play for the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles in the indoor soccer league.

Bob had always dreamed of becoming an actor, so he headed to Los Angeles in pursuit of his ambitions. Recently, he was employed as a strategic advisor to BRAVO.

The prominent sports commentator also featured in “Billion”, a television drama. Today, Bob is an online sensation with thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms. His vibrant voice has had an effect on many people and he continues to be requested to host numerous sporting events.

Bob Menery is likely a freelancer nowadays; however, he has not provided much insight on his work via his social media accounts. As far as his prior relationships are concerned, there has been no mention.

Rather than sharing personal information with the public, it might be a better idea to invest in furthering one’s career. In one of his spoof videos from the year before, Bob described model Katie Kearney as his “girl,” implying they were romantically involved; yet, there has been no further conversation on the matter, leaving their bond a mystery to this day.

Bob Menery make his money?

Bob Menery, a renowned American Instagram celebrity and sports commentator, has leveraged multiple sources of income to expand his net worth to a staggering $6 million in 2023. He chiefly acquires his riches through his professional life as an Instagram star and sportscaster, along with his various enterprises.

Biography of Bob Menery

Bob Menery was born on June 10th, 1987, though no details have been revealed about his parents and family. He hails from North Andover, Massachusetts, USA and is of Anglo-Irish ancestry.

No records exist on Bob Menery’s educational background, although it is reasonable to assume he must have attained a college degree at this point. His net worth currently stands at a remarkable $6 million.


Bob Menery expressed his shock on Monday when the PGA contacted him directly regarding one of the funniest pieces of content on his social media page. He said the golf organization threatened to remove the video that highlighted professional golfer Matthew Wolff’s 26-foot eagle which won the 3M Open tournament in July 2019.

Bob further believes that, despite the PGA’s disapproval of comedy, vulgarity, and the use of humor, people still desire something to lighten their mood and that he is the one to provide that.

Additionally, Bob does not monetize any of his PGA videos, claiming that his channel helps children enjoy the sport of golf and dethrone Fortnite as the preferred game among children. Ultimately, he humorously claims that he also contributed to bringing cheers to the players of the PGA Tour.

Bob Menery gained renown after a video of his extraordinary vocal talent went viral. Not only is he admired by aficionados of golf, he has been praised by legendary pros such as Tiger Woods. During weekend tournaments, Bob’s chant of “Ripper Magoos!” is constantly being shouted by devoted fans, going head to head with the classic “Baba Booey”.

As a resolution to the legal complications with PGA, Bob Menery eradicated all PGA material related to the event which catalyzed the hullabaloo, particularly Matthew Wolff’s video. Subsequently, he wiped all such posts from his Instagram profile.

Who is Bob Menery Dating?

Bob has not tied the knot with anyone as of yet. Prior to that, he was seeing his former love, Katie Kearney, a well-known travel editor. Nevertheless, they decided to split up in 2019, so Bob is single now and doesn’t have a girlfriend. Therefore, he has no kids.

What is Bob Menery Net Worth in 2023 by Forbes

Research conducted by revealed that American Instagram star and sportscaster Bob Menery, who operates professionally under the same name, held an estimated net worth of $6 million as of the 2023 update.

Bob Menery Age, Height and Weight

On the 10th of 1987, Bob Menery, a well-known American Instagram star and sportscaster, was born. At a height of 5 feet 11 inches, he weighs around 78 kg. Fitness is an important part of his life, and he often incorporates workout routines into his schedule.

What Does Bob Menery Do For A Living?

His trademark ‘voice’ has been used by major networks and on international ads, leading to further success with bookings around the country. He was featured on sports segments of ESPN, Good Morning America, ABC’s World News Tonight, SportsCenter and also The Jim Rome Show. His success has earned him his own YouTube series ‘That Guy In the Corner’.

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