CJ So Cool Net Worth 2023: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

CJ So Cool Net Worth

Born on March 29, 1989, in Gary, Indiana, CJ So Cool, a US YouTuber and music artist, joined the YouTube community on December 27, 2014. Becoming known for his reaction and prank videos, CJ’s annual income is estimated to be around $500,000 and his net worth is currently valued at $6 million.

Despite a few criticisms he has faced, his popular try not to laugh challenges on YouTube are big hits. This article will explain CJ’s net worth, income, assets, and other details.

Name Cordero James Brady
Birth Date/age March 29, 1989
Birth Place Gary, Indiana, U. S.
Profession YouTube star, Music artist
Wife  Charlene Young aka Royalty
Net Worth $7 million


CJ So Cool’s YouTube career began in 2014, following a number of years of working as a dealer of blackjack, craps, and poker. With reaction and prank videos and the popular Try Not To Laugh challenge, he quickly rose in popularity but was criticized for his lack of humorous content.

This culminated in 2015 when he uploaded a video in which he mixed laxatives into a child’s food and kept filming as the child endured intense pain. A number of top YouTubers, such as Scarce, DramaAlert, BlastphamousHD TV, and Pyrocynical, quickly called him out for his reprehensible behavior.

2020 brought a cyber attack, in which over 1000 of his videos were deleted. Fortunately, YouTube was able to restore 700 of these and CJ had them re-uploaded within the week. Despite the continuing backlash, his fan base continues to grow rapidly and his subscription numbers skyrocket.

His most recent video is based on his family and he has also recorded a few songs, including the “So Cool Anthem,” “Bag Chasing,” “Memories,” “For Clout,” and “Love Us Now.”

Personal Life

CJ So Cool has kept mum about his parents and siblings, so there is not much known about them or his upbringing. Though, it is said he has a brother named Anthony Jinx Brady who is also a well-known YouTuber and who has assisted CJ in furthering his career. CJ So Cool has been married to YouTube celebrity Royalty since they have been in a long-term relationship.

The pair have two twins, Cordayaha and Cordero Jr., born in 2020. Moreover, CJ had a daughter, Camari, from his past relationship, while Royalty had three children from her past relationship. Everyone in the family is happily living together, taking pleasure in each other’s presence.

Videos of CJ often feature his family and highlight his commitment and devotion to them. Most recently, on March 23, 2021, he gave his family an unexpected mansion for his stepson Leon’s birthday.

CJ is regularly astonishing his kids with wonderful presents and lavish treats. He even gifts them electric scooters and big bikes. CJ and his family have a strong, peaceful bond, and he loves them with all his heart.

Wealth Dependency

CJ So Cool is heavily reliant on YouTube as his main source of income, but that doesn’t take away from his considerable success in the music industry. He has a significant number of YouTube subscribers which results in significant financial gains.

Unfortunately, the level of fame he enjoys also brings a certain level of animosity and critique. Nonetheless, CJ had the courage to persevere through the backlash, even prior to when he dedicated himself solely to YouTube – having created and uploaded videos during his time in school.

Net Worth

With an impressive net worth of $6 million, CJ So Cool has become a renowned name due to his viral videos and music albums. The skyrocketing amount of his followers only added to his immense popularity.

His humorous reaction videos have been a big hit with the public, and his continued commitment to work hard has truly paid off. Every day his fanbase grows exponentially, driving him to make more and more captivating content that can connect with people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of CJ So Cool?

Cordero James Brady may not be a celebrity, but he has amassed a whopping net worth of $9 million by 2023. Clearly, he isn’t the wealthiest YouTuber, yet his impressive accomplishment deserves recognition.

What is the value of CJ So Cool House?

CJ So Cool recently relocated to a luxurious, state-of-the-art mega-mansion located in So Cool World, just a 15-minute drive away from Las Vegas. This lavish abode is currently available on the market at an extravagant price tag of up to 4.4 million dollars.

What will the number of kids be in 2023 for CJ So Cool?

Out of the six kids CJ and Royalty have, three are Royalty’s from a previous relationship while CJ is responsible for one.

How much is the net worth of royalty So Cool?

The net worth of CJ So Cool has been estimated to be an astounding $9 million. His royalties alone amount to a total of $3 million, contributing to his total estimated worth.

What is the annual revenue of CJ So Cool?

On a daily basis, the channel enjoys an audience of 600,000 viewers, thus earning an estimated $4,800 and resulting in an annual profit of $1.7 million from advertisements played before the videos.

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