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Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle? Obedience, loyalty, and protectiveness are characteristics of German Shepherds. For many people, they’re the perfect dogs to own because they can act as both a guard dog or a family pet. A frequently asked question about German Shepherd puppies is whether they are affectionate animals who like cuddling – so I did some research about this too!

Do German Shepherds enjoy cuddling? Some may be too shy for this behavior, but most dogs love being close to their owner and receiving affection. They should know that it is okay for them to receive some attention from time to time even if they are not used to such contact. Luckily, there are ways for those who want to try and make them more comfortable with cuddles or the act of physical closeness in general.

Dog owners generally show a lot of affection for this breed.  However, some are happy with a little less attention and display affection differently than others so it’s important to keep these things in mind. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from an owner of this breed so that you know exactly what they need and where they might differ from other breeds.

How much do German Shepherds enjoy cuddling? 

These are large dogs, and they’re not always known for being lap dogs, but how do German Shepherds cuddle? For one, they’ll often lean against you or even place their paws or heads on you; this is a physical sign that your GSD wants to be near you.

Sometimes GSDs might even seek out your lap for attention – though it may seem less cuddly considering the size of them – don’t let that fool you. Your pup is just seeking affection from you.

Some GSDs will also show their love by trying to cover you in kisses while others may find pleasure in getting regular belly rubs and ear scratches too! What’s more, some German Shepherds may end up sleeping with you at night too; after all, where else could anyone offer such close cuddles than in bed?

Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

How Snuggly Are German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are generally welcoming and affectionate toward the people they love, including their family members and pets. They’re not too keen on strangers or anyone who might pose a threat to them though- so if you need an emotional support animal around your house, don’t count on these dogs for comfort.

German Shepherds have been known to be: loyal, protective, intelligent, trainable, and curious- making good companions all around. So long as they spend enough time with one person before getting accustomed to them – they’ll soon start showing feelings of loyalty and adoration- and show no fear when faced with danger.

The natural German Shepherd loves every person in its life- but usually has one or two people they prefer and love more than the others. Though these can make perfect family pets, they will most likely have a favorite- who they devote all their time and show an observable amount of affectionate behavior as compared to other members.

If you know anything about German Shepherds, you’ll probably know how much they love to cuddle with whoever seems available at the moment – which for them usually means whichever human being showed up first.

They are naturally one-person dogs. They adore and love only their owners, sometimes exclusively for the entire duration of their lives. However, German Shepherds can also be loving members of a family if they’re raised with children from an early age – but again, there’s always going to be someone who gets special treatment from the dog.

Most German Shepherds that form this type of intense bond grow attached to whoever takes care of them first – usually preferring that person over others in anything they do.

How Do German Shepherds Feel About Cuddles?

There are many reasons why a German Shepherd might want to lie next to you. A cuddling dog is displaying their appreciation for the person and how much they mean to them; so a cuddling dog means that the two beings share an intimate bond with one another.

For Affection

All dogs display their love in different ways. Some lay down next to you while others place a paw on your lap. These things are all forms of cuddling, especially when they come close to you. A dog will act this way because it wants you to understand how much it trusts and loves you.

Get Warm

 It is not uncommon for German shepherds to get cold, despite their large size and thick coat.   This often occurs when they have been outside for long periods of time in cooler temperatures or when their body starts to go into hypothermia mode due to an illness. To cope with these new climates, dogs do what they’ve done for generations – huddling together for warmth.

Relieve Stress

If your German Shepherd is feeling anxious or stressed, cuddling up against you and receiving reassurance from you can help them overcome those feelings. Cuddling releases Oxytocin—also called the love hormone—both in dogs and humans, so it actually has a significant impact on your pup.

 Dogs bond with humans through generations, forming a bond between two dependent beings.   And this, naturally, has been passed down and inherited by each new litter of pups. It’s an instinctual behavior for them now in many ways.


As we’ve discussed, the German Shepherd is a breed loyal and protective of its owner. This makes them perfect for being guard dogs because they’ll stay close to you and take care of you. There are benefits to this type of relationship – but like everything else, these relationships aren’t always perfect (no matter how much we want them to be). It’s common for jealous behavior or other behavioral problems to arise when these dog breeds get too possessive over their humans.

Feel Safe

Despite its size, a German Shepherd still needs to feel emotionally safe. They’ll do anything for it – including cuddling up to whoever will let them – so this is often seen while they’re sleeping. This need for emotional safety can also manifest during the day if they’re feeling threatened or insecure; sometimes even meeting new people or other animals.

Which German Shepherd is more affectionate, a male or a female?

There is no simple answer to this question because German shepherd males and females can range in level of cuddliness. Some male dogs may be very loving, while some female dogs may not even want any love whatsoever. Ultimately, it’s each individual dog who gets to choose how much they want to cuddle.

The Best Way To Make Your German Shepherd Love Cuddling

So now that you know some German Shepherds are just not as interested in cuddling as others and have a couple of guesses about why this could be the case, what can you do if your pup doesn’t seem too interested?

Fortunately, there’s hope! It won’t always work but it is possible to build up trust and connection with them through positive reinforcement, making sure not to punish or shout at them, and giving them plenty of love too.

The use of positive reinforcement

In order to effectively train your GSD, it is important not to use physical punishments such as scolding or hitting them. Doing so will only leave them scarred and potentially create animosity towards you if done too harshly.

Positive reinforcement should be used

Many people think punishing their pets is a good way of getting them to behave better. In reality, it may cause your dog to behave worse and become less friendly towards you. Instead of punishing your pup when they do something wrong, try rewarding the positive behaviors they exhibit when they are obedient.

Use Affection

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to get your German Shepherd to display more affection is by showing them that you’re capable of loving them back yourself. Try hugging them when they come over and cuddling up next to each other from time to time. If they see that you like this sort of contact as well and spend a little bit of quality one-on-one time with them, then chances are your shepherd will want to keep coming back for more hugs too!


A German Shepherd is a dog that wants to make sure you’re safe and loved. And if you happen to have one who doesn’t seem interested in physical contact, it’s okay. They might be showing you signs of their love through different means than mere touch—and this may be how they feel most comfortable expressing themselves to you. All that really matters is that as long as you take good care of your pet and respect the times when they need some time alone, they’ll give you unconditional protection and companionship for life.

Frequently Asked Question

What are German Shepherds’ ways of showing affection?

German Shepherds are known for being sweet and devoted animals. They love to spend time with their humans; wagging their tails, licking faces, and snuggling up close when they lay down next to them on the couch.

What is the cuddling preference of German Shepherds?

Most German shepherds enjoy cuddling at least a little, but it will depend on the individual dog. 

Are German Shepherds comfortable being held? 

Holding a German shepherd may be enjoyable for some, but uncomfortable for others. If you want to hold your dog, you should know if he enjoys being held first.

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