Drake Bell Net Worth, Wife, Family and Biography

Drake Bell Net Worth

With a net worth of $600 thousand, Drake Bell is a renowned American actor, comedian, guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, and television director. His fame dates back to his childhood years on Nickelodeon, where he had notable roles in “The Amanda Show” and “Drake & Josh”. Despite his success, Bell has been involved in a few controversies in recent years, including a personal bankruptcy filing for a reported $600,000 worth of debt in 2014.

Name Drake Bell
Birth Date/age Jun 27, 1986 (36 years old)
Birth Place Santa Ana
Profession Actor, Singer, Comedian, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Television Director, Record producer, Voice Actor
Nationality United States of America
Net Worth $600 Thousand

Early Life

On June 27, 1986, Drake came into the world in Santa Ana, California. His mother, Robin Dodson, was an accomplished billiards player. Drake had an elder sister and three elder brothers.

His cousin, Heath Bell of the San Diego Padres, was a relation. Sadly, when he was five, his parents got a divorce. As he went through his formative years, he went to the Orange County High School of the Arts and gained considerable experience in acting.

Acting Career

Drake’s father identified his innate abilities in both public speaking and mimicking those on television and fostered his interest in acting at an early age. In 1994, he made his debut on “Home Improvement” and also starred in a national commercial for Whirlpool Appliances. His exemplary performance in the TV movie “The Jack Bull” earned him a Young Artist Award nomination in 2000.

In 2004, Drake Bell experienced a major boost to his career when he and his actual friend and actor Josh Peak starred in the Nickelodeon series, “Drake & Josh”. It was specifically crafted for them, as Peak had previously performed in “The Amanda Show” from 1999 to 2002.

Bell has since earned nine Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and had supporting roles in notable movies like “Jerry Maguire”, “Dragon World”, and “Yours, Mine, and Ours”. Additionally, in 2011, he appeared in the role of Timmy Turner in the live-action TV film, “A Fairly Odd Movie:

Grow Up, Timmy Turner!” He was also featured in the mini-series “Flying Tigers” and the web series “I Heart Vampires”, and was cast as Spider-Man in the animated series “Ultimate Spider-Man”.

Additionally, he voiced the character of Spider-Man in two video games and again portrayed Timmy Turner in the 2014 “Fairly Odd Parents” film. Lastly, he was seen in 2017’s “Bad Kids of Crestview Academy”.

Drake Bell Age, Net Worth

Music Career

From the age of twelve, Drake Bell began playing guitar and was given formal guitar lessons by Roger Daltrey while they were filming together. As a musician, Drake wrote and performed the theme song “Found a Way” from the “Drake & Josh Show”.

His debut album “Telegraph” was independently released in 2005, after which he was signed to Universal Motown for his second album, “It’s Only Time”. In 2014, Drake released “Ready, Steady, Go!”, and “The Lost Album” was dropped in 2020, however neither made a considerable impression on the charts or commercially.

In 2015, Bell suffered an injury that caused him to believe he could never play guitar again. Despite this setback, Drake managed to heal swiftly and return to his musical roots. Notably, his music gained more attention in Mexico than in the United States, leading to a tour there in 2016.

Drake Bell Net Worth


In February 2014, Drake Bell was forced to file for bankruptcy in California due to owing nearly $600,000, a majority of which was owed to the IRS. He had purchased a 2,640-square-foot home in Los Feliz for $2,050,000 in 2007, and subsequently, it went into foreclosure as a result of his bankruptcy.

According to his filing, his house was worth $1.575 million but he still owned $1.6 million on the mortgage. He stated that his monthly income was $2,800 while his expenses amounted to $18,771. Additionally, he declared that his yearly earnings were drastically different – $408,000 in 2012 and just $14,000 in 2013.

Personal Life

Bell is well known for his association with numerous Nickelodeon celebrities, particularly Amanda Bynes, his co-star from 1999 to 2001. His engagement to Paydin LoPachin ended in 2016. Bell is an advocate of The Thirst Project, a non-profit organization aiming to raise awareness of the clean water crisis through education.

He is the public face of the campaign and helps to fund it through performances and public appearances. He is also a promoter of Toys for Tots and Rockin A Cure, an organization that funds cystic fibrosis research.

In 2005, at the age of 19, Bell and his friend were traveling from Malibu to Los Angeles when their 1966 Ford Mustang was struck head-on by a car whose driver had dozed off. This caused severe injuries for Bell, including fractures of his neck and jaw, as well as numerous missing teeth. To fix this, he had to go through surgery, as well as receive 70 facial stitches and have his jaw wired shut for two months.

In December 2015, Bell was arrested for DUI in Glendale, California after police noticed him speeding and weaving between lanes. The following year, he was convicted and sentenced to four days in prison and four years of probation. Thanks to his good behavior, he only had to spend one day behind bars, along with attending an alcohol education program.

Favorite Quotes from Drake Bell

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Drake Bell’s 3 Key Lessons 

Having discussed Drake Bell’s net worth and route to success, it is time to identify the useful insights we can extract from his life story.

1. Be Open-Minded

Expanding your thoughts can unlock new opportunities, both for personal benefit and to help those around you.

2. Patience

Patience, it will happen for you eventually.

3. There are some things you can’t fix 

We all know that sometimes life is like that: we can fix things up, but we can’t fix everything.

Final Thought

In 2004, Drake Bell’s career skyrocketed after he was cast in a starring role in Nickelodeon’s hit show, Drake and Josh, named after him. The show became hugely successful and made him a beloved figure amongst both young and teenage audiences. By February 2023, his estimated net worth was estimated to be around $600 Thousand.

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