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There are many brides out there who would love to experience the enchantment of a traditional full-hand mehndi design. We know you’re searching for something different but we also understand why some people would want to stick with tradition – nothing can compare to it. After providing plenty of options from simple mehndi ideas, foot designs and so much more – today we bring you the perfect traditional style.

From hours of research and find only the best from our favorite artists, as well as trusted vendors- here is what we came up with; an assortment of amazing options to choose from when it comes down to your big day. So without any more hesitation, here are some of the most exquisite mehndi designs.

40+ Full hand mehndi designs for brides

1. A hearty tale

Bold is beautiful, and this stunning mehndi design proves just that. With significant strokes outlining the curves of my hand with colors that contrast each other wonderfully, this full-hand mehndi design has no lack of distinguishing characteristics to offer. There are so many intricate details in every stroke – from the intricately patterned fingers or 3D heart motifs – all lending themselves to such an eye-catching result.

But what really makes this mehndi design stand out? The fact that both my hands have completely different patterns etched on them! This might seem uncommon amongst brides who typically want an identically designed pair of hands, but these differently designed yet undeniably gorgeous embellishments only make everything better.

A hearty tale

2. An eye-pleasing Mehendi design with lotus motifs

If you believe that full-hand Mehndi is ugly because of the messiness, then let me show you this absolutely stunning, traditional style wedding Mehndi design. There is no denying that it leaves us captivated and spellbound. With its trendy Lotus motifs and crisp checkered patterning, it is everything we could ask for. If you’re looking for something to set off your Neo-traditional Mehndi this may be just what you need.

An eye-pleasing Mehendi design with lotus motifs

3. The immense beauty of traditional strokes

We were astounded at the sheer beauty of this mehndi design. The repeating paisley pattern and luscious blossoms have been drawn with such perfect symmetry; there’s no question that it was done by a professional. With intricate detailing on every stroke, this suitably embellished mehndi design really accentuates her appearance.

The immense beauty of traditional strokes

4. The GOT-themed Mehendi

And if you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic and want to show it off at your wedding, then this Indian bride-to-be did just that. Just take a cue from her hand mehndi design – an elaborate drawing on her arm that resembles the McDonald’s logo, along with rings and even their travel story in henna! Add some floral motifs to make the full-hand mehndi design stand out.

The GOT-themed Mehendi

5. Full-hand mehndi design with personalized elements

Personalized mehndi designs are popular nowadays. You can find an infinite amount of inspiration for your own design by looking at this gorgeous and detailed example featuring caricatures of a couple exchanging thalis, travel stories, the bride sitting in her palanquin, and many other lovely elements. With such intricately beautiful representations of peahens, lotuses, and even paisleys – it is no wonder why these intricate works of art are so popular among people all over the world.

Full-hand mehndi design with personalized elements

6. Peacocks, flowers, and the couple

This intricate, detailed palm mehndi design is made up of beautiful peacock motives. Peacocks are symbols of fertility and therefore considered lucky to have drawn in your henna-filled hands on the day of marriage. The elegant checkered pattern and attractive rose motifs create a piece so beautiful you could cry – but don’t let that distract you from appreciating the caricatures depicting bridegroom and bride engraved onto each other’s arms.

Peacocks, flowers, and the couple

7. Neat & Chic

A traditional yet utterly beautiful full-arm Mehndi design will draw endless compliments from all those around. This lovely mehndi design showcases a mandala enclosed by an intricate diamond-shaped frame. Each finger boasts of identical patterns, and as one moves down to the wrist and onto the lower forearm, intricate designs begin to emerge that look truly entrancing. We love this detailed band consisting of lotus flowers; it draws the eye quickly when it catches sight at last!

Neat & Chic

8. Leafy patterns with shading details

We were absolutely mesmerized by this intricately detailed Mehndi design. Every meandering line is well executed with care as if each stroke was a work of art unto itself. Behold the delicately dappled floral motifs, intricate paisley patterns, fanciful leaves, and scintillating checkerboard prints!

Leafy patterns with shading details

9. Tennis Lovers

This bride fell in love with her fiance while they were playing together on the tennis court, which inspired her to incorporate their playful memories into her wedding day henna design.

Tennis Lovers

10. All-decked up

This beautiful Mehendi design features all of the classic patterns you would find in any Indian wedding or festival setting – paisleys, flowers, leaves, and detailed linework.

All-decked up

11. An elaborate full backhand mehndi design

While some brides prefer to go for the simpler style of a longer henna tattoo on the back of their hand, there are still plenty who want something outlandishly amazing. This mesmerizing design on my hand looks basic at first glance, but when you take another look – it is so much more than just that. All those intricate patterns that come together make it worth every penny spent.

An elaborate full backhand mehndi design

12. Couple is enclosed in a heart-shaped frame

Every time we see someone’s mehndi pattern, a smile involuntarily curves our lips. Half and Half designs are ones we adore- so when the bride puts her hands together and her Haldi design seems complete, the moment is pure bliss. Our favorite part? When you look closely enough at these beautiful hand designs, they seem to encompass all of India! Every detail from intricate leaves on the fingers down to gorgeous flowers wrapped around the wrist can be seen here – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Couple is enclosed in a heart-shaped frame

13. A lotus and elephant-themed full-hand henna

Inspired by your love for intricately detailed Indian Mehndi patterns, we created this unique design that includes mandalas, concentric circles, lotus flowers, scalloped shapes, and cute elephant silhouettes.

A lotus and elephant-themed full-hand henna

14. A scintillating mehndi design with a cutesy elephant

This hand-bridal mehndi design features an elephant in the center with a full, traditional look to it

A scintillating mehndi design with a cutesy elephant

15. Traditional never goes outdated

This traditional and geometric hand mehndi design proves that tradition always has a place in society. With multiple mandalas, flower designs, leafy trails, and cheerful colorings, this mehndi design is simply breathtaking.

Traditional never goes outdated

16. The captivating appeal of bold henna strokes

Starting off with a traditional mandala pattern on her hands, the intricately designed mehndi design just got more intense. With its small but bold outlines and detailed patterns, this custom-made design made for her wedding day was unlike any other she had seen before.

The captivating appeal of bold henna strokes

17. The cutesy henna doodles

Overloaded with personal touches such as kids’ and gods’ portraits, this mehndi design is embellished with cute slogans and dates. It looks so pretty, doesn’t it?

The cutesy henna doodles

18. Personalisation Galore

Take a look at this intricate hand mehndi design, complete with personalized and meaningful features. Interspersed throughout are pictures of the couple’s favorite animals, symbols that represent both religions in their lives, and even an illustration of the two’s home.

Personalisation Galore

19. Scintillating simplicity

When tradition when combined with simplicity, the results are stunning. With all those twirls, swirls, and emblems – to say we were crushing hard over this full-hand mehndi design is an understatement. There are so many cool design elements you could steal from this one; like the zigzagging lines or silhouettes of flowers scattered around it or even how they added accents using clean slashes in strategic places.

Scintillating simplicity

20. Innumerous circular

It is no surprise that when countless circular patterns collide together, the outcome is hypnotic. Likewise, this full-hand mehndi pattern contains endless interconnected circles and intricate motifs of flora. If you are bored by traditional mehndi designs but don’t want to stray too far from tradition either – then this pattern will do wonders for you.

Innumerous circular

21. A picturesque piece of art

This beautiful full-hand mehndi design is worth admiring! The pattern of circles forming a series of loops set along the fingers then intersected with vibrant checkered bands on the smallest finger paired up with paisley designs spilling onto the palms; all complementing an amazing and intricate tulip trail that starts at the thumb. A major part of every couple’s relationship, without fail, will always include them sharing memorable moments together in one way or another – so don’t forget to add those particular events into your bridal mehndi design!

A picturesque piece of art

22. Strings of hearts

This beautiful mehndi design has our hearts for all the right reasons. With its embossed motifs, it is distinctly different from other designs. It’s not only exquisite but also multifaceted; symbolizing love.

Strings of hearts

23. The lush blooms

A full hand of mehndi adorned with blossoming flowers. These delicate lotus petals are unlike anything we have ever seen before. With the help of jaalidaars and mandala-inspired designs, this Mehendi pattern makes for an awe-inspiring sight.

The lush blooms

24. Modern full-hand mehndi design

Is there really anything traditional about full-hand mehndi designs? You can see one here, for instance. It features the couple’s initials on one hand and an awe-inspiring portrait on the other. We’re huge proponents of personalized mehndi designs, and with this design, we’ve got no doubt it’s inspiring in that respect. Personalizations don’t just stop at hands – they extend up to the forearms too – which is well complemented by traditional patterns.

Modern full-hand mehndi design

25. A minimalist mehndi design with portraits of Radha-Krishna

This is not a full-hand mehndi design, but these are still some things worth considering. For brides looking for something less flashy and over-the-top, this could work really well. You can have the center of your palm or fingers painted with the simplest of designs – think something along the lines of a portrait – while having each side decorated with small blooms known as bootis. If you’re feeling bolder, try having evenly placed tiny colorful stripes across your wrists and forearms too.

A minimalist mehndi design with portraits of Radha-Krishna

26. Jaw-droppingly beautiful mehndi design

We cannot get enough of this exquisite Indian mehndi design which incorporates all essential elements. From the check pattern and leaf accents to the winding curves, every inch of this piece captures beauty. Keep in mind that a full-hand mehndi design takes dedication from both bride and artist alike; so be prepared for the lengthy process. And don’t look too closely at your finished product if you’re thinking about running away.

Jaw-droppingly beautiful mehndi design

27. The cutesy pet mehndi design

Another popular trend in the wedding Mehndi scene is the appearance of animals. Not only are you getting married, but you’re getting a new best friend too! There’s nothing more personal than having your beloved dog or cat in your hand for everyone to see.

The cutesy pet mehndi design

28. A gripping backhand mehndi design

The intricate design of the henna on your back deserves as much attention. Here’s a simple yet elegant henna design for the entire length of your arm, from fingertips to shoulder blade. It features repeating leafy and circular strokes but has an imposing pattern at its center.

A gripping backhand mehndi design

29. Symmetry at its best

Gorgeous paisley patterns, beautiful leaves, and vibrant blooms all flowing together in many different directions create an unreal ambiance. Each hand bedecked with the intricate henna design resembles a reflection of its twin. And this has us hooked – especially when it comes to how neatly everything has been done.

Symmetry at its best

30. Bespoke simplicity

Take the less traveled path and revel in this one-of-a-kind full-hand mehndi design. This exquisite pattern is all about spacial polka dots complete with wispy floral embellishments, which are a stark contrast to most other designs. The eye-catching half-and-half frame decorated with lotus petal features is definitely what makes it unique among others.

Bespoke simplicity

31. The Sindoor Moment

This stunning full-hand mehndi design captures the brilliant sindoor moment that stirs up my soul

The Sindoor Moment

32. Intricacy at its best

Hats off to the mehndi artist who delivered this flawless full-hand mehndi design with a breathtaking level of intricacy. This design features two intertwined flowers surrounded by a delightful checkered pattern all around. As the art moves toward her arm, there are exceedingly engaging strokes of light and dark playing in perfect harmony.

Intricacy at its best

33. Gobs of horizontal bands

Here is a marvelous mehndi design, which consists of numerous horizontal lines running up the back of the forearm and diagonally patterned designs on the palm.

Gobs of horizontal bands

10+ Pakistani full hand mehndi design

1. The auspicious mandalas

This one-of-a-kind hand mehndi design is perfect for those brides looking to stand out from the crowd! A v-shaped pattern starts at the tip of each finger and continues down the palm to cover up most of your arm.

The auspicious mandalas

2. Enchanting florals teamed with paisleys

This full-hand Pakistani mehndi design can’t be ignored. Its intricate floral and paisley patterning on the hands looks brilliant against its plain black backdrop. Floral patterns are prevalent in Pakistan, along with other geometrical shapes such as triangles and squares, but never before has their appearance been so perfect than here in this very design.

Enchanting florals teamed with paisleys

3. An intriguing bel design

There are many different options for designs when it comes to Pakistani tattoos. A great place to start would be with this design which features flowers intertwined seamlessly together with leaves of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

An intriguing bel design

4. Snippets from the couple’s love story

Pakistani Mehndi Designs are most recognizable for their intricate patterns. Here’s a large but detailed full-hand Mehndi Design which includes unique features like the couple’s names, wedding date, engagement moment, etc., as well as parts of their love story.

Snippets from the couple’s love story

5. Floral Extravaganza

Multiple floral designs are meticulously placed at a distance from the elbow up until they form one single arm-length design. This type of mehndi design is popular among modern wedding parties.

Floral Extravaganza

6. The playful light and bold strokes

It’s hard not to fall in love with the captivating full-hand mehndi design!

The playful light and bold strokes

7. Breathtakingly Beautiful

In terms of design, neatness, creativity, and beauty, this full-hand mehndi design scores 100 out of 100.

Breathtakingly Beautiful

8. Some more florals

This enchantingly beautiful design with alluring floral arrangements and just enough spacing to accentuate the artwork truly spoiled us!

Some more florals

9. Beauty at its best

A full-arm mehndi design is drawn by an experienced and talented mehndi artist. Book one on ShaadiSaga to look stunning at your wedding.

Beauty at its best

10. Classic full-arm mehndi design

A gorgeous interpretation of both floral and line work, this full-hand mehndi design is perfect for an elegant bride.

Classic full-arm mehndi design

11. A mixed platter

This mehndi design is made up of two parts, both contrasting yet complementing each other well. One half of the arm features an assortment of line work in various designs with floral accents around it; while the other side displays much more complicated motifs featuring a strong silhouette aesthetic which are placed symmetrically against one another.

The focal point and highlight on this arm come from the forearm area where small yet intricately detailed patterns meet mixed platters of organic shapes (floral designs) and geometric forms such as paisley or lattice elements in order to create a mixture that feels new but still familiar.

 A mixed platter

10 Rajasthani full hand mehndi design

1. The intriguing appeal of empty spaces

It pleases us greatly when a mehndi artist does something clever to make an otherwise normal-looking design beautiful. Peacocks, the Rajasthani couple, Jhumki designs, flowers, and symbols of prosperity have all been skillfully woven into this exquisite mehndi pattern.

The intriguing appeal of empty spaces

2. Multiple bridal elements

Among all the Rajasthani mehndi designs out there, one of our favorites is one that includes the caricatures of the bride and groom. Like this one for instance – where you can see peacocks, lotus flowers, and beautiful silhouettes of bride and groom at daybreak.

Multiple bridal elements

3. Can you spot the religious elements?

Created by one of our most skilled vendors, this Rajasthani full-hand mehndi design will capture your attention from the start. You may also be able to spot subtle details such as Lord Ganesha and a Kalash on the bride’s hands.


Can you spot the religious elements?

4. Elegance personified

This breathtakingly beautiful full-hand mehndi design had us mesmerized. Unlike most Rajasthani mehndi designs, both the groom and bride are represented on one hand – which is unheard of!

Elegance personified

5. Astonishing intricacy

We are in awe of this remarkable Rajasthani mehndi design; it is created with meticulous care, attention to detail, and beauty. The couple silhouettes drawn on the palms and the intricate designs etched on the bride’s forearm and groom’s arm when they walked towards each other- these details add so much depth to your wedding mehndi.

Astonishing intricacy

6. All things weddings

From its beautiful solo-couple caricatures all the way to the time you exchanged jai mala – this elaborate full-hand mehndi pattern was something worth being treasured.

All things weddings

7. Closely-knit patterns entwined beautifully

Here is an intricate and detailed full-hand henna design that was expertly drawn.

Closely-knit patterns entwined beautifully

8. A gorgeous depiction of the Jaimala Ceremony

Here’s an alluring full-hand mehndi design that’s elegantly showcasing the joyous jaimala ceremony. The floral motifs, cutesy elephants, and ethereal leafy trails are flawlessly matching the main design.

A gorgeous depiction of the Jaimala Ceremony

9. A treat to eyes

We love how the delicate lines and curls create a beautiful pattern on this trendy full-hand mehndi design.

A treat to eyes

10. An adorable full-hand mehndi design

A beautiful Rajasthani mehndi design for all the future brides-to-be out there. This mehndi design also has an exchange of garlands, the Sindoor Ceremony (in which the bride applies sindoor in the groom’s hairline), and a playful doli ride through town while everyone cheers them on.

 An adorable full-hand mehndi design


As you will notice from this compilation, there are many different styles and levels of complexity within the full-hand mehndi designs. Some may be simple enough for a modern bride while others may require more time and effort depending on what kind of level of intricacy they have.




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