George Farmer’s Net Worth (Updated 2023): Relation, Age, Full Bio

What is George Farmer’s Net Worth?

George Farmer, a U.S.-based hedge fund manager and business tycoon, has amassed a net worth of $180 million. Recently, his notoriety has grown exponentially due to his role as Chairman of Turning Point UK and his nuptials with renowned political analyst and right-wing sympathizer, Candace Owens.

Net Worth $180 Million
Real Name George Farmer
Age 47 Years Old
Height 1.68M
Profession Ophthalmology Specialist
Salary & Income $50 Million Per Year
Last Updated 2023

Farmer’s entrepreneurial success was surpassed by his success in politics. He was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Parler Moment, an American-based social media platform and microblogging service, popular amongst Trump supporters and boasting over 20 million users.

Personal Life

Farmer and Candace Owens first crossed paths at the Turning Point UK launch reception in December 2018, instantly falling for one another due to their common political beliefs and a shared sense of humor. Just months later, the two said their dos at the beautiful Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, following a brief engagement period. In January 2021, the happy couple was blessed with their first child.

Early Life

Born in London on December 15th, 1989, George Thomas Farmer is the son of Lord Michael Farmer (Baron Farmer) and Jennifer Potts. His family endured a challenging journey to attain their eminent social standing.

George remarked that his father endured a bleak childhood in a destitute area. Nevertheless, Lord Farmer accomplished much in the metal sector, becoming renowned as “Mister Copper” in the capital.

Attending St. Paul’s School, London, which has fostered a considerable number of illustrious British individuals, George’s future seems bright.


Farmer’s greatest accomplishment was the establishment of the “Red Kite Group”. Working alongside other entrepreneurs, he started this copper-based enterprise which responded to niche demands.

Unsurprisingly, within two years, it had achieved incredible financial gains. As 2006 rolled around, the Red Kite Group chose to shift its concentration from copper production to an even more rewarding endeavor, hedge fund investing.

In 2018, RK Capital Management LLP launched the Red Kite Funds process and pivoted their hedge fund away from trading copper and towards investments in mining stocks and financing. Reports indicate that the firm amassed a whopping £5 million in profit during March of 2017.

George Farmer’s Favorite Things

Favorite Actor Don’t Know
Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Singer Michael Jackson
Favorite App Facebook
Favorite Game N/A
Favorite Food Not Know
Favorite Song Not Know
Favorite Sportsman Massi
Favorite Movie Don’t Know
Favorite Cricketer Not Know
Favorite Footballer Ronaldo
Favorite TV Show Not Know
Hobbies DrivingTraveling

About George Farmer

Net Worth $180 Million
Name George Farmer
Age 32 Years Old
Height (5 Feet 10 Inches)
Weight 70 KG (Approx)
Profession Businessman
Date Of Birth December 15, 1989
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Income $50 Million (Yearly)
Spouse Robert Kraft

Business Success

Farmer demonstrated remarkable acumen by forming Red Kite group, a copper production company, that saw extraordinary success in its first two years of existence due to copper’s increasing value.

Unconventionally, he also chose to invest in hedge funds and the venture paid off. Furthermore, his venture into real estate proved equally successful, with several profitable purchases. It is no wonder that his wealth will continue to soar in the future.

Political Shift

Farmer’s interest in politics was sparked by his marriage to the Trump-supporting activist, Candace Owens. In 2018, Farmer was made CEO of a microblogging service that boasted over 20 million active users.

He and his colleagues then donated $76,000 to Theresa May’s Conservative Party, gaining much attention for his backing of the President. Farmer’s prominent role as CEO of Parler, an American social media platform, is a captivating development that continues to keep him in the limelight.

George Farmer's Net Worth

Real Estate Investments

Farmer, a successful real estate executive, is the owner of a collection of properties in the United Kingdom, including a lavish mansion in London’s Mayfair valued at $269.8 million, a $309.2 million house in Spa, and a $445.1 million dwelling in Dorset.

Over the span of a decade, he has invested a total of $5.27 billion in the eight residences, while additionally constructing a golf course and multiple office buildings.

George Farmer’s Net Worth

By 2023, George Farmer had accumulated a staggering net worth of $180 million. Having made an impressive $50 million a year, largely due to his flourishing businesses and extensive political involvement with his wife, Farmer managed to grow his worth from $150 million in 2020 to its current level.

Given his family’s considerable privilege, he was not required to enter the workforce upon leaving high school. However, instead of squandering his father’s inheritance, Farmer saw it as an opportunity to build his fortune and established himself as CEO of Parler, Chairman of Turning Point UK, and Hedge Fund Manager.

Farmer’s wealth primarily derives from his equity in his own companies, in addition to his sizeable real estate holdings in the United Kingdom, now valued much higher than the initial price.

Key Takeaways

Risks Are Integral To Success

George Farmer, a seasoned risk-taker in business, was a living example of how necessary taking risks is to gain success. Although it is important to be prudent and moderate in these risk-taking decisions, with calculated risks, more rewarding targets, and incomes can be attained.

Connections Are Key

Although George Farmer had already achieved great success and renown in the U.K., he wouldn’t have been able to reach all of his goals without assistance. Particularly, the invaluable contribution of his most successful enterprise, The Red Kite Group. Thus, one should never be reluctant to create important connections!

Leverage Your Strengths

Having been highly successful in his copper production endeavors, George Farmer utilized his expertise to acquire greater financial returns. Consequently, we should look to utilize any competencies that we might possess in order to benefit ourselves!


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