How Rich is the British Businessman?


Peter Jones is a British businessman, entrepreneur and reality TV personality. He has been involved in various industries such as leisure, mobile phones, television, retail and property. Jones is best known for being the last remaining original investor in the BBC reality show, Dragons’ Den. As of 2022, Peter Jones net worth is approximately $400 million.

full name Peter David Jones
Birthday March 18, 1966
Place of birth Langley, Berkshire
profession Businessman, reality TV personality
Partner Terra Cap
net worth 400 million dollars

early life

Peter Jones was born on March 18, 1966 in Berkshire, England. He spent his early days in Langley. When he turned 7, his family moved to Maidenhead. Both his parents worked full time in their business. Jones shared that when he was 7 years old, he would sit in his father’s chair and pick up the phone and pretend he was closing a big deal. For his studies, he attended Desborough School. After that, he joined Windsor School for Boys.

Peter Jones net worth and career

Jones served as an assistant tennis coach when he was only 12 years old. After reaching the age of 16, he launched his first business where he manufactured personal computers and sold them under his own brand. However, he was unable to make enough profit from the business and sold it to IBM at a loss of £200,000. Peter mentioned in an interview with The Times that he had failed in his computer business when he was in his 20s. Due to a loss in business, he had to give up his home The 3 bedroom in Bray along with his cars.

After that, he returned to his parents. After that, he started working at the IT company, Siemens Nixdorf. He went on to form his next business venture called Phones International Group in April 1998. Then, in 2005, along with Theo Papitis, he purchased a gift experience company, Red Letter Days from Dragon panelist Rachel Alno. Then, between 2004 and 2008, he started other business ventures including an online retailer,

He then established a charity, The Peter Jones Foundation on 1 July 2005. The charity provided support to advance the education of young women through teaching about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. Then, in 2009, he set up the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy to deliver entrepreneurial skills in the UK.

Peter has also made investments in other business ventures such as British Bi-Monthly Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and Square Mile International. In addition, he owns a television production company, Peter Jones TV. In 2011 he sold part of the international telephone group, Wireless Logic for a whopping £38 million. He also owned British photo retailer Jessops in 2013.

Jones has also appeared on several reality TV shows. He was the only remaining original dragon on the BBC reality show, Dragons’ Den. The reality show started in January 2005 and has produced 19 series to date. In the reality show, he was seen regularly feuding in the Den with Scottish entrepreneur and former Dragon, Duncan Bannatyne.

Jones was also part of the ABC reality series, American Inventor. The idea of ​​the reality show was invented by Jones himself and later he sold his idea to the American broadcasting company. He was one of the panel of judges on the show in 2007. Jones later appeared on GMTV in September 2006 to discuss his new IV show Tycoon and Dragon’s Den. The new ITV show was produced by the Peter Jones Television Company.

Personal life

Peter Jones is currently in a relationship with interior designer, Tara Kapp. Together they share three children named Natalie, Isabella and Tallulah. His current lady love, Tara is a successful interior designer who launched her own lifestyle e-commerce business, really. Previously, Jones was married to Caroline. From his first wife, he has two children named Annabelle and William.

Peter Jones Net Worth

Peter Jones net worth is estimated to be around $400 million as of 2022. He has been the richest of all dragons for a long time. Jones bought a 6-bedroom house worth £2.67m in 2014. He later put his house on the market for £3.1m.

In addition, he also owned another Buckinghamshire mansion which he bought for £7 million in 2009. Jones also has a collection of several luxury sports and classic cars including an Alfa Roma Alphasod, which was also his first car.

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