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When you first meet a dog, it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Your goal is to make your new pet feel comfortable around humans by making the best impression possible  .

There are tons of ways we’ve found in our research for meeting dogs successfully but here is one tip: always wipe down any surfaces where there’s been urine or stool before putting anything on them because these animals carry bacteria inside their mouths and noses.

which could lead to infection if touching other objects at first glance. Secondly, make sure to have plenty of treats available during the meeting process as well as a toy or two for the dog to play with.

How To Meet A Dog For The First Time Wag

There are a few things you should do when meeting a dog for the first time:

 Let The Dog Approach You

It is important to let your dog approach you on their own terms. This will help the pup feel more at ease and less threatened by our presence as they may be scared of how we behave or what kind of room there is in which we’re standing.

Speak Calmly And Avoid Sudden Movements

To get your point across to the dog, you should speak with a soft and calm voice. The more relaxed that they feel about it—the less likely an excited or scared reaction will be from them! avoids sudden movements because this could startle our furry friends in return for whatever we’re doing when interacting with him/he

Let The Dog Sniff You

When meeting a new person, dog, or object for the first time allow them to use their sense of smell. By doing this, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and everything will be more natural to you  !

Avoid Staring Directly At The Dog

When you first meet a dog, avoid eye contact and look at the side or avert your gaze. The input is about how to interact with dogs when they’re investigating an unfamiliar person’s presence in their territory – but this doesn’t really pertain; there are other ways for us all.

The output instead suggests different strategies we can use so as not to make any threatening gestures that could trigger aggressive behavior from this animal.

Pet The Dog Calmly And Slowly

Meet the dog – greet him calmly and slowly. The best way to start is by scratching his neck or chest before petting him on any other part of his body (except for when it comes time for vaccinations).

Be careful not to give huggers’ dogs too much touch because they can feel overwhelmed with affection at first glance from an outsider; instead scratch beneath their chins if possible then gently pressure you while saying “good boy.”

These tips will help you and your dog stay safe

Dogs are always exciting, no matter how many times you see them. Dogs can still be unpredictable and unfriendly when they meet you for the very first time, like any other animal in nature.   There are some simple precautions anyone is able to take before entering their home territory with this furry friend:

Before approaching a dog, ask the owner for permission.

Be careful when approaching! There are dogs that don’t like strangers and there are dogs that are aggressive or even dangerous to strangers.   It’s always best to ask the dog’s owner for permission before approaching them so that you can ensure they are friendly in order not pose any threat towards yourself as well as others around your pup

You should avoid approaching a sleeping or eating dog.

The best way to interact with a dog is by paying attention and understanding how they want you to behave. For example, if your pup has its back turned toward you while eating then don’t interrupt them!

If on the other hand there’s play time going down between two dogs – one may try grabbing at another’s a toy which could startle him/her into an aggressive response so it might be worth keeping some space until things cool off (but never walk away).

Approach the dog rather than approach it.

It is important to read a dog’s body language and approach them slowly when possible. Quick movements or sudden changes in direction might make the animal feel threatened, which can lead to an aggressive state of mind.

Always let your pup come towards you on their own time- they’ll be more likely than not happy about getting some attention from someone who knows how great it feels being petted by those gentle hands.

The head of a dog should not be petted.

  A dog’s head should not be petted when you meet it for the first time.   Instead, try giving them under the chin or chest scratches for this will show dominance and make your pup feel more comfortable around people they don’t know very well.

 Be Aware Of Your Body Language.

Useful tips for meeting a new dog. Give them plenty of space when they first walk through the door – don’t jump or suddenly push against their legs! Keep your body language open and relaxed so as not to make sudden movements that might scare off this delicate breed from being friendly toward strangers in general.

How should you respond to an aggressive dog getting too close?

If you find yourself in an aggressive situation with a dog, there are several things that can help keep both of us safe. Try to stay calm and avoid making sudden movements; if your canine companion is on leash ask their owner immediately take control of the animal while backing away slowly–and try not to be too surprised when they do exactly what’s asked.

If this isn’t possible because dogs aren’t trained properly or possess some sort-of gone postal personality then just back off slowly but surely until such time as safety allows for further interaction.

Dog Types You Might Face

Interactions with dogs can vary widely, and knowing how to interact properly is important. There are many different types of dogs in this world so it’s good for you to know what kind of personality they may have before getting too close!

The following tips will help when dealing with certain breeds:

Large Dogs

The best way to pet a large dog is from its chest or under the chin. They may be intimidating at first, but they are often very friendly once you get past their size!

Small Dogs

When a small dog meets you, it may try to jump up and lick your face. To avoid being knocked over by this energetic pup (or several), simply let the animal come to its own terms before petting or picking them up; once calm enough for handling can be done then!


The first time you interact with your new puppy, it is best if the two of YOU are calm. Once this happens and they feel safe enough (which will take many sessions), then I recommend putting them under either their chin or chest for extra snuggly kisses!

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are often friendlier than younger ones, but they still need some extra care and attention. When you first meet them it is best to let their natural courtship etiquette lead the way – do not pressure or force anything.

Once calm enough for interaction, put your hand near either cheek so that if there’s an offer out on welcoming touches then this will be obvious (and take advantage!) Use oral hygiene instructions from earlier in order to keep up appearances while also showing consideration towards other animals’ needs like food allergy considerations too.


Meeting a dog for the first time can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to remember to take things slow. Always approach them from the side or rear, and never force anything. You can leave them alone if they do not seem interested in meeting you. You’ll be wagging tails in no time with a little patience and these tips.  

Frequently Asked Question

A dog should be introduced to another dog in what way?

When introducing one dog to another, it is best to take things slow. Let the two dogs meet nose-to-nose and allow them time to sniff each other out. In addition, reward your pets with food when they’ve been behaving well.

How should you react if a strange dog approaches you?

 Avoid panicking and stay calm. Keep yourself between the dog and your family members or other pets.

When dogs say hello, how do they do it?

Sniffing each other’s butts is how dogs say hello.

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