IShowSpeed Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career & Real Name

Since joining YouTube in 2016, Watkins has become an internet sensation with his hilarious videos and online presence. He started to stream and post gaming videos in December 2017, but it only attracted two viewers initially. IShowSpeed Net Worth.

Yet, his viewership and fan following quickly soared in a matter of months; his subscriber count multiplied from 100,000 in April 2021 to 1 million in June 2021, and an astonishing 10 million in July 2022.

Full Name   Darren Watkins
Birth Date/Age   January 2005/17 years old
Birth Place   Ohio, U.S.
Profession   Youtuber
Relationship Status   Single
Net Worth   $1.5 million

How did IShowSpeed become famous?

In 2021, Talking Ben gained more attention as videos featuring his sometimes aggressive behavior while streaming, playing games, and speaking to the camera started appearing on TikTok.

This growing recognition sparked the production of online memes. His notorious outbursts have earned him a permanent ban from streaming platform Twitch and video game Valorant.

Kotaku identified him as one of the top and rapidly increasing streamers on YouTube. He gained much of his current fame from his content involving Talking Ben the dog, a game released many years ago.

Through Watkins’ videos, Talking Ben shot up to become the highest-selling game on the App Store.

 IShowSpeed Net Worth

Early Life

Darren’s outlook changed drastically when he began making YouTube videos in his sophomore year of high school. He had previously been unwilling to pursue college, instead aiming for a trade school or an athletic career.

However, YouTube has presented him with so many opportunities that he is now committed to making it his main focus.

Considering that high school is draining him, he is contemplating leaving next year in order to fully devote his energy to Youtube and foster his growth in the platform.

IShowSpeed Net Worth and Career

Darren’s friend motivated him to begin creating YouTube content. Ironically, that friend has since stopped but Darren continues to thrive, having come a long way since he first started due to the lockdown which provided the opportunity to try something new. His journey began on April 21st, 2020 and continues to this day.

Darren used to have a job where he would deliver food to a Nursing Home, however, ever since he started to consistently make videos, he has been devoted to YouTube.

His immense success of gaining so many subscribers on multiple platforms in a small time-span can be attributed to the fact that he was different in comparison to other content creators.

Darren suggested tips for budding content makers, where he emphasized the importance of discovering and exploiting your strength, as well as standing out from the rest.

IShowSpeed Height, Weight & Measurements

Darren Watkins, also known as IShowSpeed, is likely between 5’8 and 5’11 (172 cm – 180 cm) in height and approximately 143 lbs (65 kg). His body statistics are currently unknown. He has black hair and eyes.

Personal Life

His parents failed to comprehend the value of his work and the feat of reaching 100K subscribers on Youtube, and his mother’s unenthusiastic response greatly displeased him.

In his most recent video, he poured his heart out about the way his girlfriend from Ohio had broken it by cheating on him. He had supported her in every endeavor, making the betrayal even more devastating.

IShowSpeed Net Worth

By 2022, Darren’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. During a Q&A, he shared that his income from streaming varies from $75 to $200 depending on the duration.

This is an excellent earning potential for someone his age. However, with an ever-growing subscriber base that exceeds 11 million, Darren’s income will see tremendous growth in the coming months.

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