Jackson Mahomes Net Worth (2023): Height, Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth & Career

Fame came Jackson Mahomes’ way after he shot TikTok videos during his attendance at a Kansas City Chiefs game, his brother, Patrick Mahomes, being the team’s American football quarterback. Jackson Mahomes Net Worth.

Name Jackson Mahomes
Birth Date   May 15, 2000/ 22 years old
Birth Place  TikTok, Endorsements
Profession  Cheerleader, YouTuber
Girlfriend  Single (probably)
Net Worth $900,000

Early Life

Jackson Mahomes, born on May 15th, 2000, hails from an athletic family. His father, Pat Mahomes, was a celebrated professional baseball player from 1992 to 2003. Jackson’s older brother, Patrick, is the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Together, the brothers and their younger sister, Mia, make up a dynamic family.
During the Chiefs’ march to the Super Bowl, Jackson earned attention through his popular TikToks, endearing himself to the public.


Making it big on TikTok isn’t an easy feat. That didn’t stop the young Mahomes, however, as his viewers rapidly took a liking to his content and followed him soon enough. Today, he’s verified on the platform with a half million followers and 12.4 million likes.

His frequent collaborations with Patrick’s girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, only serve to demonstrate their close friendship. His sports-related content reflects his shared love of the industry with his family; blood is indeed thicker than water.

Jackson Mahomes is showing the world that basketball is his focus. In his own words, his brother may have the “talent”, but he’s got the “moves”. Those moves are for more than just TikTok dances.

The former Whitehouse High School athlete in Texas is far from done, having made major improvements since his junior year and being inspired by his brother to strive for excellence. Mahomes also has height on his side, measuring at 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Along with his basketball pursuits, Mahomes is also planning on studying business in college. His father Pat has expressed admiration for his son’s potential in the business realm, citing him as a “businessman who always gets stuff done”. It’s certain that whatever Jackson chooses to pursue, he will undoubtedly be successful.

Parents, Siblings & Family

Jackson Mahomes Net Worth

Being part of a notable family can open doors to great success and professional fulfillment. However, meeting the expectations of such a distinguished family can be daunting. It takes thick skin to brave the comparisons with more successful relatives and parents.

Despite being regularly compared to his brother Patrick while playing basketball, Jackson Mahomes remains undeterred. His love for his brother only grows and so does his net worth of an estimated $400,000 – far lower than his brother’s whopping $30 million.

How tall is Jackson Mahomes, how much does he weigh, and how much does he weigh

The 19-year-old social media influencer is tall, standing an impressive 6’5 or 1.95m. His brother Patrick stands at a still considerable 6’3 or 1.9m. Weighing in at 100kg or 220lbs, the specifics of his chest, arm, and waist measurements are not yet known.

Parents, Siblings & Family

The parents of Jackson Mahomes are Pat and Randi Martin Mahomes. His father, Pat, is a former baseball pitcher, while his mother, Randi, is a housewife. Jackson has two siblings: his elder brother, Patrick Lavon Mahomes, is a popular football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his younger sister is Mia Bliss Mahomes.


Parents, Siblings & Family

Girlfriend & Relationships

Jackson Mahomes remains single, though there are rumors that he is in a clandestine relationship with Amanda Johansen, his school friend. He has been able to keep all details of the relationship out of the public eye.

Physical Appearance

Jackson Mahomes, a remarkably good-looking young man, is highly admired for his charisma and elegance. His devotion to fitness has made him a real health and fitness guru, sculpting his body to achieve a stunningly toned and muscled physique with perfect measurements. His figure could best be described as a rhomboid-shaped one.

Jackson Mahomes Net Worth


Standing tall at 6 feet and 4 inches, he is a sight to behold. His short, stylish black hair perfectly frames his eyes – which, with their black color, captivate all who see them. Furthermore, his body weight of around 85 Kg gives him an imposing presence.

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