Joe Bartolozzi Height, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career & Girlfriend

Joe Bartolozzi Height

Joe Bartolozzi is a widely known American social media star, well-known for his comedic TikTok posts. His account has garnered an incredible 17.6 million followers and 1.2 billion likes. On July 7, 2020, he began his YouTube journey by uploading his first video “Why I Hate Public Bathrooms. Vibe Talks Episode 1” to his self-titled channel.

His content generally focuses on comedy, gaming, and everyday life; the most watched video is “Morgz Buys Fake Jewelry For Views?!?”, which has 2.2 million views. Joe Bartolozzi has gained immense popularity, having over 18 million TikTok followers, 881,000 YouTube subscribers, and 282,000 Instagram followers.

Name Joe Bartolozzi
Birth Date/age February 6, 2002/ 20 years old
Birth Place New Jersey, U. S.
Source of Wealth  TikTok star
Relationship Status   Single
Net Worth $30 Thousand

Joe Bartolozzi Age

Joe Bartolozzi, born on February 6th, 2002, is currently 21 years of age (as of 2023). An American, Christian, and Aquarius, he was born in New Jersey.

Joe Bartolozzi Height

After finishing high school, Bartolozzi earned his diploma from a college located in New Jersey, United States. He had a great interest in track and field, including high jump, relay race, and hurdles, and had aspirations of becoming a professional athlete.

Family, Parents & Girlfriend

Joe Bartolozzi’s parents are Eric and Kimberly, and he has a sister named Angelina who is a well-known dancer on social media. His maternal grandparents are Maxine and Philo Chapman.

Family, Parents & Girlfriend


Family, Parents & Girlfriend

Joe Bartolozzi Girlfriend

Joe Bartolozzi began seeing Brooke Armitage, a well-known companion of his. She manages an Instagram page with 9,000 supporters. Besides that, Joe has never been romantically involved with anyone else.

Joe Bartolozzi Height

Physical Appearance

Joe Bartolozzi is a towering individual, reaching almost six feet and one inch in height and weighing around seventy-five kilograms. His body measurements are 42-15-32 inches, along with a 10 (US) shoe size, while his eyes are a beautiful shade of brown and his hair is a light, blonde color.

Early life & Career

Joe Bartolozzi has been highly successful in the digital age of influencers, establishing himself as a renowned TikTok star and YouTuber. With a Bachelor’s degree from one of America’s most respected colleges, he has pursued a career that is far from what he originally dreamed of doing in his childhood; namely participating in relay races, high jumps, and other such sports events while studying at school and college.

In 2019, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, he found an opportunity to entertain people with his humourous TikTok videos, and what followed was an incredible feat of acquiring over 15 million followers and 876.8 million likes within the space of two years.

Joe Bartolozzi Height

Net worth

It is predicted that by 2023, Joe Bartolozzi’s assets will be estimated to be around $2 million. His major sources of income come from brand sponsorships, advertisement endorsements, YouTube, and TikTok videos.

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