Kaalan Walker Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually?

Known for his star turn in Sony Pictures’ much-anticipated remake of Superfly, actor and hip-hop artist Kaalan Walker continues to captivate audiences with this ultra-violent crime drama which finally asks the question of who lives and dies when gang violence becomes all-out war. Kaalan Walker Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually?
Barking up a storm since birth, this polarizing talent has earned himself some serious stripes through tireless work ethic but it looks like time might just have run out.
Since being found guilty last week on charges that include 4 counts of rape and 3 counts of lewd conduct against minors, the Hollywood performer faces at least 50 years behind bars.

Full Name Kaalan Rashad Walker
Birthday March 28, 1995
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Profession Rapper, actor
Relationship Status Unknown
Net Worth $2 million

Early Life

Kaalan Walker was born in March 1995 and grew up in Los Angeles, California. Little information is available on his parents or childhood. It has been noted, however, that he comes from a well-known family of entrepreneurs – specifically one of them being his father. This can be seen when he married his mother who is also an entrepreneur back in July 2018 while they were both attending college at Chatsworth Charter High Garden Club.

Kaalan Walker Net Worth & Career

Kaplan first broke onto the scene in 2017 with his debut film, King. His portrayal of William McGee earned him rave reviews and started him on a successful career.
Since then he has gone on to appear in various movies and TV shows including one episode of In Contempt this year where he played Jackson Whitmore; to more significant roles such as Juju in the upcoming Superfly remake coming out later this year.
Despite acting being just one facet of his success, Kaalan will be remembered most for his talents behind the mic. In addition to singing since childhood, Kaalan has released multiple singles and collaborated with artists such as A$AP Ferg, G-Eazy, Schoolboy Q, etc., including performances at festivals and gigs around the world.

Walker is also known for his YouTube account, WHO KR?, where he posts a variety of songs and music videos. His first video was uploaded over 10 years ago, asking viewers to subscribe to the page ‘sad face emoji’. To date, Walker has released an album and two mixtapes – including I$0lyf3 2 and I$0lyf3 in 2013 and In Due Time in 2018. With an audio version of some of his latest songs posted on his personal YouTube channel, he then posted Hood Love just last week on July 17th.

Personal Life

Kaalan Walker’s current relationship status is unclear. As of December, he has been charged with 31 sexual assault-related offenses against more than 30 women according to several new sources. Apparently, a string of these allegations was committed between 2013 and 2018—resulting in at least 3 counts of forcible rape, 6 counts of statutory rape, and 4 instances where he had violated them sexually without consent, among other things.

Last week, the judge sentenced him to prison for what could be 45 years behind bars based on his conviction for his admitted crime spree.
Nonetheless, not all this sounds great news for Kaalan as the jury found him not guilty on two charges: one involving statutory rape involving alcohol while the other forceable act involved digital penetration.

There are a few unknown aspects regarding this case: time will tell if it will end up with 50+ accusations being confirmed true or finally seeing justice served–still there are options available!

Walker’s lawyer, Andrew Flier told reporters on Tuesday that his client maintains his innocence and did not receive a fair trial because many significant details were left out of the proceedings. According to Flier, Walker has been wrongly branded as a monster. His next court date is set for May when he will face charges related to aggravated sexual assault cases.

Kaalan Walker’s Net Worth

Kaalan Walker’s personal worth is estimated to be around 2 million dollars. With his success in acting and singing, he has accumulated a hefty sum of money over time. It was reported that he had a luxury car and lived comfortably back at home in Los Angeles until being convicted of murder; according to lawyer Flier who was there for him during this time of hardship.

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