LeAnn Rimes Net Worth: How Rich is the Singer in 2023?

With a net worth of $10 million, LeAnn Rimes is an internationally-recognized American singer-songwriter, actress, and one of the most acclaimed Country Music stars. Rimes began her musical journey at the tender age of 13 and has since then sold close to 40 million records across the globe. Her musical endeavors have been recognized with prestigious awards, including three Grammys, and she has also published four books. LeAnn Rimes Net Worth.

Name Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
Birth Date/age   August 28, 1982 / 39 Years Old
Birth Place  Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Profession  Singing / Acting
Relationship Status Married To Eddie Cibrian
Net Worth $12 Million


At just elementary school age, she won over the American public on “Star Search”, soon releasing a hit country single at thirteen. As her music career advanced, her songs have featured on the soundtracks of several movies, such as “Coyote Ugly” and “Evan Almighty”. Moreover, her attempts at acting were moderately successful.

However, despite the remarkable achievements in her career, the fame she had enjoyed as a child came at a cost. Her fame and acclaim seemed to sink as soon as her 1996 album, “Blue”, swept the Grammy Awards when she was only fourteen.

Since then, she has sold over 37 million records worldwide, but her name has also been marred by her past legal issues. In 2000, a lawsuit was brought against her father and her former manager for allegedly stealing over $7 million from her when she was still a minor.

Her mother hired two accountants/investigators and they were discovered to be pilfering her funds. She then initiated a legal battle with her record label in an attempt to reclaim control of her music recordings, videos, pictures, and other creations while still a minor. It took two years to resolve the situation and she was the talk of the town for months.

Things eventually cooled down and she got married, kept composing music, and launched her acting career. Unfortunately, her extra-marital affair during the filming of a TV movie became a source of great distress and brought about the disintegration of both her marriage and that of her paramour in a highly public and very unpleasant manner.

Early Life

Margaret LeAnn Rimes, born on August 28th, 1982, is better known by her stage name LeAnn Rimes. She was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but her family relocated to Garland, Texas while she was still a toddler.

The only child in her family, Margaret was soon taking vocal and dance lessons, and performing in talent shows at the tender age of five. By this time, she was also auditioning for plays and musical theater in Dallas and even managed to come close to being cast for Annie.

Her big break came when she was selected to appear on Star Search, with Ed McMahon being particularly impressed with her talent. Encouraged by his positive comments, Rimes was inspired to pursue a career in country music.

At only nine years old, she was attracting attention from talent scouts across the country, performing the national anthem at Dallas Cowboys’ home games and touring. All the while, her father played an important role in her career, overseeing the release of her three albums through an independent record label.


Bill Mack, a disc jockey, is often credited for propelling LeAnn Rimes into the spotlight. His song “Blue”, recorded by the young Rimes in 1994, would launch her into superstardom. Her debut studio album with Curb Records in 1996 featured the same version of “Blue” that had been recorded when Rimes was 11 years old, and yet, the single still peaked at number 10 on the charts.

Her album, Blue, further went on to top the Country charts, thanks to the popularity of singles such as “One Way Ticket” and “The Cattle Call”. Critics compared her achievement to Patsy Cline, and Rimes was honored with a Grammy Award at the age of 14.

The following year, 1997, Rimes released a compilation album, Unchained Melody: The Early Years. It featured previously unreleased tracks that demonstrated her exceptional vocal range and included both Country and pop songs.

Her later album, You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs, further showcased her capability to transition into a more mainstream format and achieved four times platinum status.

LeAnn Rimes Net Worth


In 1998, LeAnn Rimes released her third studio album, Sittin’ On Top Of The World, which garnered mixed reviews, yet still went platinum. Rather than adhering to her Country roots, she took a detour into more mainstream pop music.

In 1999, Rimes righted the ship with her album, simply titled LeAnn Rimes. It included covers of Country classics, primarily Patsy Cline hits, which earned praise from critics who had been critical of her past works. This album too achieved platinum status.

In 2000, she completely embraced a mainstream pop-influenced sound, appearing in the film Coyote Ugly and having a major international hit with the soundtrack’s “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.” The following year, Rimes released the compilation album I Need You.

This album did not perform well, with both low sales and unfavorable reviews. Rimes later revealed that her father had pieced together the album from outtakes from prior recording sessions, unbeknownst to her.

In 2001, LeAnn Rimes liberated herself from her father’s tight control over her career with the launch of her album Twisted Angel. While it represented a significant accomplishment for Rimes, the album was met with unfavorable reviews due to its botched attempt at a “country-pop crossover.”

Nevertheless, Rimes achieved immense success with the release of This Woman in 2005. Three of its singles achieved the top 5 on the Country charts, and it sold more than 100,000 units in the first week. Her studio album of 2006, however, never saw the light of day in North America, for Rimes wanted to prevent overshadowing the accomplishment of This Woman.

In 2011, Family was released, becoming Rimes’ ninth studio album. Unlike its predecessor, Family earned her both commercial and critical approval, including diverse genres and featuring prominent names such as Bon Jovi.

2008 was a year for touring and collaborating with different artists, which was followed by a cover album, Ladies & Gentlemen, in 2011, and Spitfire in 2013. 2016 witnessed the launch of Remnants, while 2017 saw Rimes star in the movie Logan Lucky.

Film and Television

Following her relationship with Andrew Keegan in 1998, LeAnn Rimes decided to take her music career further by acting. Subsequently, she had small roles on programs like Colgate Country Showdown and Nashville Star, and in movies like Coyote Ugly, Good Intentions, and Northern Lights.

Personal Life and Real Estate

LeAnn was married to her backup dancer, Dean Shermet, from 2002 until 2010. In 2003, the couple bought a three-acre estate in Nashville for $1.7 million. After moving to their custom-built mansion nearby, they sold the property for $2.125 million. They spent an additional $4 million on their 23-room, 13,300 square-foot palaces, which encompassed over 5 acres.

Shortly after, LeAnn was discovered having an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian, and they ultimately separated. In 2009, they listed the home for $7.45 million but failed to find a buyer until 2012, when they sold it for $4.1 million.

In 2013, LeAnn paid $3 million for a new home in Hidden Hills, California. In 2016, there were rumors circulating that LeAnn and Eddie were facing financial difficulty due to a decrease in their respective careers.

OK! Magazine claimed the reason they had not filed for divorce was that they couldn’t afford the legal fees, and neither was willing to compromise on the division of their property.

Frequently Asked Questions

LeAnn XRimes’ net worth is unknown.

Approximately $15 million is LeAnn Rimes’ net worth.

How old is LeAnn Rimes?

LeAnn Rimes, born in August 1982, is 40 years old.

How much does LeAnn Rimes make?

A salary estimate of $1.5 million per year is earned by LeAnn Rimes.

How tall is LeAnn Rimes?

A height of 5.55 feet (1.65 meters) has been measured for LeAnn Rimes.

LeAnn Rimes’ husband’s name is?

Dean Sheremet and Dean Cibrian are LeAnn Rimes’ husbands (m. 2011), and 2002-2010, respectively.

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