Neil Patrick Harris Net Worth, Age, Bio, and Husband

Actor Harris has starred in many popular television series and movies, from Doogie Howser, M.D. to How I Met Your Mother. As of 2023, it is estimated that his net worth comes out to be around $50 million dollars. Neil Patrick Harris’s Net Worth

Early Life and Bio

Full Name Neil Patrick Harris
Birth Date / Age June 15, 1973 / 49 Years Old
Birth Place Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Source of Wealth Acting
Relationship Status Married To David Burtka
Height 6 ft. 0 in. / 183 cm.
Net Worth $50 Million

On June 7th, 1973, in Albuquerque, New Mexico to parents Ronald and Sheila Gail Scott, Neil Patrick Harris was born. His family lived an exciting life – with his father practicing law while his mother ran the restaurant business alongside him – making for lots of wonderful childhood memories with the extra income for extras.

Meanwhile back at home during holidays or school breaks, Neil enjoyed coming out to rural areas of New Mexico where he attended La Cueva High School; there too he found his passion from star director Mark Medoff who quickly had him signed onto prestigious theater programs back east!

It wasn’t long before Penn lost himself amongst everything else happening when – as if a gift from above – producers knew what they needed him for once he graduated high school: to star as everyone’s favorite 90s doctor Doogie Howser!

Neil Patrick Harris Net Worth

Neil Patrick Harri’s Net Worth and Career

Eventually, Harris became well-known for his portrayal of Barney Stinson in the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. At its peak, he earned an incredible $250 thousand per episode while appearing in a total of 208 episodes; earning him over $5 million before syndication and royalties.

Recently, Harris has been seen hosting several high-profile events. These include Saturday Night Live (SNL), the 63rd Tony Awards, the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, and even Genius Junior.
Meanwhile, NPH is best known for his acting work in films such as Harold & Kumar, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and Gone Girl.

Neil Patrick Harris’s Instagram and Twitter

Currently, the actor has an astounding 8.8 million Instagram followers and 25.5 million followers on his Twitter account as of July 2023.

Personal Life

In 2006, Neil Patrick Harris publicly came out as gay—later confirming his relationship with the equally famous and equally talented actor David Burtka. Together, the married couple had their first twins Gideon and Harper via surrogacy (a ‘miracle’ made possible thanks to two other sets of previously fertilized eggs!).

Intriguingly, while most people know him best for being openly LGBT+ friendly, what many might not know is that Neil has a background in magic; we can see this in his role in AHS: Freakshow as well as on Glee.

Moreover, he always generously donates money to organizations such as the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, American Cancer Society, and Stand Up To Cancer.

Neil Patrick Harri’s Net Worth

Neil Patrick Harris has made about $50 million for all his work throughout his career as an actor. He started at a young age appearing in movies and television series, but eventually gained popularity for his performance in one show – How I Met Your Mother. His most recent appearance is currently being broadcasted on Netflix – A Series of Unfortunate Events – where he plays Count Olaf.

Neil Patrick Harris FAQ

How old is Neil Patrick Harris?

The writer celebrates his birthday each year on June 15th. Born in 1973, he will be 50 years old in the summer of 2023.

Who is Neil Patrick Harris married to?

NPH has been happily married to his husband David Burka since 2014. They share a set of twins together named Gideon and Harper.

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