Sheryl Crow Net Worth: Singer’s age, children, net worth and more revealed

Sheryl Crow Net Worth

Boasting an impressive net worth of $70 million, Sheryl Crow is a celebrated singer-songwriter and musician who has left her indelible mark on a diverse array of musical genres including pop, country, jazz, and rock. Recognized for her contributions to the music industry, she has achieved remarkable success, having sold more than 50 million records across the globe. In addition to winning 9 Grammys, she has also made frequent appearances on television as an actress.

Name  Sheryl Crow
Birth Date/age Feb 11, 1962 (61 years old)
Birth Place Kennett
Profession Singer-songwriter, Musician, Music Teacher, Artist, Actor, Record producer, Composer, Film Score Composer, Voice Actor, Music artist
Nationality United States of America
Net Worth $70 Million

Throughout a bustling and productive career that has featured writing multiple chart-topping tunes, being a background vocalist for renowned celebrities, and starting her own successful solo act, Sheryl Crow has found time to bring up two boys, combat breast cancer, and stay politically and socially aware.

She is an exemplar of someone who seemingly can do it all. In addition to her prosperous individual career, Sheryl has had the honor of singing with prominent figures such as Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Sting, Tina Turner, and Bob Dylan, to list a few.

Early Life

Born on February 11th, 1962 in Kennett, Missouri, Sheryl Suzanne Crow was raised in a Presbyterian household by her parents, both of whom were musicians. Even as a young girl, Sheryl was both athletically and musically inclined, going on to win a beauty pageant in her teens, as well as joining her high school’s track team.

Later on, she attended the University of Missouri’s School of Music, pursuing a degree in music composition, performance, and education. During her studies, she became a part of a local band called Cashmere and also joined a sorority. After successfully obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree, Sheryl set out to make a name for herself.

Sheryl Crow Net Worth


After receiving her degree, Sheryl Crow secured a teaching job in a Missouri elementary school. To make extra money, she sang in a McDonald’s commercial and was paid $40,000. That opened up opportunities to sing as a backing vocalist with Michael Jackson on tour in the late 1980s, and eventually with famous artists such as Stevie Wonder and Don Henley.

She intended to put out her debut album in 1992, but upon evaluation, both Sheryl and her label were unhappy with the material. Consequently, the project was scrapped. Yet when collaborating with the Tuesday Music Club – consisting of musicians Kevin Gilbert, Bill Bottrell, and Brian MacLeod – she was finally able to discover the sound she desired.

The album “Tuesday Music Club” was then released in 1993. Despite a lack of popularity at first, the track “All I Wanna Do” from the album helped launch Sheryl to stardom in 1994. As a result, the album sold well and Sheryl won three Grammys.

Crow scored several hits in 1996 with her second self-titled album, followed by the critically acclaimed “The Globe Sessions” in 1998 which included songs such as “My Favorite Mistake”. Her success continued in 2002 with the album “C’mon C’mon” featuring the smash hit “Soak Up the Sun”. Unfortunately, 2005’s “Wildflower” did not meet the same success as its predecessors.

In 2008, Crow made a successful return with “Detours” which entered the charts at number two. The following year she released “100 Miles From Memphis”, and left A&M Records in 2011 to pursue a career in country music. In 2013, “Feels Like Home” continued the momentum, and in 2017 she revisited her sound from the 90s with “Me Myself” followed by a tour and collaboration with other country musicians.

Sheryl Crow Net Worth

Film and Television

In 1999, Crow marked her debut in acting with her partner at the time in “The Minus Man.” She has been seen on series such as “One Tree Hill,” “30 rock,” “Hannah Montana,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” and a variety of reality programs. Sheryl often plays herself in her television parts. Moreover, she has also cut records for many film scores.


Sheryl Crow achieved fame not only through her musical prowess but also through her relationships with a few renowned celebrities. In the late 1990s, the age difference between her and her partner, Eric Clapton, was notable.

Furthermore, her song “C’mon C’mon” was inspired by her romance with actor Owen Wilson. In the past, she had also become engaged to cyclist Lance Armstrong but eventually, their relationship fizzled out in 2006.

Sheryl Crow Net Worth

In 2006, Crow underwent a surgical procedure to address a non-invasive type of breast cancer. After her surgery, she went through seven weeks of radiation treatment and made a full recovery. Consequently, she has been able to lend her support to the Crow Imaging Center at Funk’s Pink Lotus Breast Center.

Real Estate

Sheryl Crow boasts an impressive portfolio of real estate investments, though she has often encountered difficulty when it comes to selling her properties. Back in the late nineties, the singer-songwriter invested in a large multi-residence estate located in the Los Angeles suburb of Runyon Canyon.

Paying a grand total of $5.3 million, the compound consists of a main house and two guest houses. Each of the dwellings contains four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and many luxurious features, including a library, wine cellar, open-beam ceilings, and hardwood floors.

Furthermore, the guest houses are both equipped with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces. When Sheryl attempted to list the compound for sale in 2012, the asking price was almost sixteen million dollars; unfortunately, she was met with little interest, forcing her to continuously lower the cost.

Sheryl Crow Net Worth


In 2001, Sheryl Crow purchased an estate on the outskirts of Nashville, covering 49.5 acres and costing $3.6 million. Three years later, she acquired a piece of property in Rosa Beach, Florida for the amount of $1 million. Additionally, in 2007, she bought Cross Creek Farm, located south of Nashville, with 146 acres and a working farm.

To monetize this asset, Crow divided it into two pieces and placed it on the market; the main property (with a house and 51 acres) had an original price of $5.8 million, but later the amount was decreased to $3.85 million.

Four years later, Crow acquired three parcels of land in Nashville, covering 16 acres and costing $650,000. With no construction built aside from a few docks on the Cumberland River, the purpose of this purchase remains unclear. In 2015, Crow added to her land portfolio, acquiring a 4,500-square-foot house in the Nashville area for $1.2 million.

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