Sinbad Net Worth 2023: How Rich is the Comedian Actually?

Born and raised in Michigan, Sinbad has an estimated net worth of $100,000. He earned national recognition when he won a round on the show “Star Search” against fellow comedian Dennis Miller in the mid-80s. From there, he was cast in a series of guest-starring roles, most notably on “The Cosby Show” and “Keep on Cruisin'”, and later the role that brought him the most fame – Coach Walter Oakes in “A Different World”. Sinbad Net Worth

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Net Worth:   $100 Thousand
Date of Birth:   Nov 10, 1956 (66 years old)
Place of Birth:   Benton Harbor
Gender:   Male
Height:   6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)
Profession:   Comedian, Talk show host, Actor, Screenwriter, Television producer, Soldier, Film Producer
Nationality:   United States of America

Sinbad also starred in many hit films, including “Necessary Roughness”, “Coneheads”, “Meteor Man”, “Houseguest” and “Jingle All the Way”. His acting talents also appeared in “Roc”, “Cosby”, “Ready to Run”, “Moesha”, “Resurrection Blvd.” and “Slacker Cats”. He even headlined his own show “The Sinbad Show” for one season. To this day, he continues to appear in multiple stand-up comedy specials, often on HBO, and has released several successful comedy DVDs.

Financial Problems

For nearly a decade, Sinbad was entangled in a drawn-out battle with the IRS over various tax issues, culminating in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in May 2013. The filing detailed his total assets of $131,000, and his massive debt of $10.99 million.

Out of this, he owed American Express $375,000, Bank of America $30,000, the state of California $2.3 million, and the IRS $8.3 million. This amount comprised his tax debts for the years 1998-2006. Furthermore, his monthly income at the time of the filing was stated to be $16,000, with a 2007 BMW 750 and a 2010 Lincoln Navigator in his possession.

When filing for bankruptcy, Chapter 13 offered Sinbad an opportunity to reorganize his debts instead of completely erasing them like Chapter 7. Unfortunately, the latter is generally the more severe option when a debtor possesses neither assets nor income.

Early Life

On November 10, 1956, David Adkins was born to Louise and Rev. Dr. Donald Beckley Adkins in Benton Harbor, Michigan. As a child, he was raised in the state with his five siblings – Donna, Dorothea, Mark, Michael, and Donald.

Later, David graduated from Benton Harbor High School in 1974 and attended the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado for the following four years. While at college, he had two successful seasons as part of the basketball team.

After completing his college education, Sinbad enlisted in the United States Air Force and worked as a boom operator for the KC-135 Stratotanker squadron. He was based out of McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, and made frequent trips to the downtown area to perform stand-up comedy.

Sinbad was entered into the Air Force’s Talent Contest in 1981 and often had issues with following the rules. He nearly received a dishonorable discharge due to his misbehaviour. Nevertheless, he was eventually released from his service with the Air Force, with him citing his dismissal as being due to the improper parking of his car.


After leaving the military, Sinbad – his stage name inspired by Sinbad the Sailor – made an effort to launch his career in entertainment by appearing on “Star Search”. Surprisingly, he reached the show’s finals, out-performing fellow comedian Dennis Miller along the way.

In the end, however, he lost to John Kassir. Though not a winner, his experience on the show increased his public visibility, leading to him being cast in the short-lived sitcom “The Redd Foxx Show” as Byron Lightfoot.

He also made a one-time appearance on “The Cosby Show” as Davis Sarrette, but it was his 1987 casting in “A Different World” that earned him lasting recognition, playing the role of Coach Walkter Oakes until 1991.

As Sinbad’s star rose, he was given the opportunity to create his own television show for Fox. On September 1993, the show, titled “The Sinbad Show,” premiered. This sitcom saw Sinbad playing the role of David Bryan, a thirty-five-year-old bachelor taking in two foster children.

His script was influenced by his own life at the time, where he had acquired joint custody of his two children, Royce and Paige, and was understanding single parenthood and fatherhood.

Though he was nominated for the Favorite Television Actor Award at the 1995 Kids’ Choice Awards, the show was unfortunately cancelled in April 1994, with no second season in sight.

Sinbad Net Worth

Sinbad has not only enjoyed a successful television career, but also appeared in several movies. Some of his most notable film credits include “Houseguest” (1995) with Phil Hartman, “First Kid” (1996), “Jingle All the Way” (1996), “Good Burger” (1997), “Crazy as Hell” (2002), and “Stompin'” (2007).

Additionally, Sinbad has taken his talents to the world of hosting. He was the host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo” from 1989 to 1991 and then again in 2005, as well as the master of ceremonies for the 2000 Miss Universe Pageant.

Away from acting, Sinbad remained dedicated to stand-up comedy. In 1990, his first special, “Sinbad: Brain Damaged” aired on HBO. This was followed three years later by “Sinbad – Afros and Bellbottoms”, for which he was rewarded with a 1995 Image Award. His additional comedy specials included “Sinbad – Son of a Preacher Man” (1996) and “Sinbad – Nothin’ but the Funk” (1998).

Personal Life

After marrying in 1985, Sinbad and Meredith Fuller went their separate ways in 1992. However, after ten years apart, they decided to reconcile and remarried in 2002. From their union, two children were born.

Health Problems

In November 2020, Sinbad experienced a catastrophic ischemic stroke that originated from a blood clot in his heart that traveled to his brain. Sadly, the chances of surviving this kind of stroke are not good, with a rate of about 30%. Right after, he did not move, speak, or show any other form of life for weeks. He stayed in care facilities for the next half year.

Two years later, in November 2022, Sinbad’s family declared that the stroke left him barely able to move, with his limbs feeling “lifeless” and struggling for any possible form of recovery.

Sinbad’s relatives conveyed that the substantial monetary drain of the comedian’s two-year healthcare battle had been unbearable.

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