Tasha K Net Worth: How Rich is the YouTube Star Actually in 2023?

With a net worth of $2 Million, Tasha K is an incredibly successful YouTuber, renowned throughout America for her accomplishments in the online space. As an internet celebrity, she is acclaimed for her popular channel and the captivating content that she produces. By her admirers, Tasha K is highly valued and appreciated. Her age, boyfriend, height, and weight can all be found on this page.Tasha K Net Worth

Net Worth:   $2 Million
Name:   Tasha K
Salary:   $2,00,000 +
Monthly Income:   $10,000 +
Date of Birth:    March 10, 1982
Age:   40 Yrs
Gender:   Female
Height:   1.73m (5′ 8″)
Weight:   70 kg (154 lbs)
Profession:   YouTuber
Nationality:   American

Tasha K, an African American YouTube celebrity, recently made headlines after being taken to court by Cardi B, who was granted $1.25 million in damages for Tasha K’s slanderous statements posted in her videos. This high-profile case solidified Tasha K’s place as one of the most prominent YouTubers of African descent.

Tasha K Assets

Tasha K, an American YouTuber, has earned substantial success and maintains a comfortable lifestyle. Owning two properties in Panama City and Miami, Florida, Tasha has amassed a small collection of cars.

Not divulging much, she is known to possess a Toyota, a Ford pickup truck, and a Chevrolet, which she frequently drives. In addition, it is noteworthy to investigate Jermaine Dupri’s and Eve’s Net Worth.

Tasha K Biography

Born on March 10, 1982 in Panama City, Florida, USA, Latasha Transrina Kebe (known by her nickname Tasha K) is an internationally renowned celebrity. Coming from African American parents who had migrated to the United States long ago, she was brought up in the Christian faith surrounded by her African American peers. After finishing her high school studies, Tasha K headed to Atlanta where she soon began to take advantage of the online sphere.

Always passionate about music and YouTube, she originally aspired to become a renowned pop star and well-known figure in the celebrity world. When these ambitions were not fulfilled, she focused her energy on the web and kept most of her private life undisclosed. This includes details about her parents and relationship status. For more interesting information about the internet world, you may wish to check Offset’s Net Worth.

Tasha K Net Worth

Tasha K previously boasted a noteworthy net worth. Unfortunately, over the last few months, a significant portion of her wealth was lost as a result of a lawsuit brought by Cardi B.

The rapper had taken offense to a video posted by Tasha K on YouTube, claiming it defamed her, and ultimately triumphed in court, collecting a $1.25 million settlement. Now, Tasha K has a total net worth of $2 million. Additionally, it may be of interest to note Drake’s and Alexandra Shipp’s respective net worths.

Tasha K: Career and Awards

In 2015, Tasha K became a celebrity with her YouTube channel UnWinewithTashaK, where she often talked about the news of Hollywood and television. She has since become immensely successful, as her content is both humorous and entertaining.

Additionally, her program, Queen of Real Talk, on Twitter has further increased her popularity and financial status. Furthermore, her presence on social media is strong, and she regularly interacts with her fans by sharing snippets of her daily life.


While Tasha K remains tight-lipped about her educational background, it can be assumed that she was educated in Panama City, where she was raised. Apart from that, very little is known about her personal life, which she has chosen to keep hidden from the public eye. If you’re curious about other people’s net worth, you might also be interested in looking into 50 Cent’s financial status.


Tasha K is an incredible woman who has had an extraordinary journey in her career. Opting for an uncommon and arduous path, she has managed to earn a great deal of recognition from her YouTube channel.

It didn’t take long for her to attain renown, though a large part of her wealth was recently lost to Cardi B. Nonetheless, Tasha K continues to strive towards greater heights of success with unwavering resolve.

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