Theo Von Net Worth (Updated 2023), Height, Income Source, and Biography

What is Theo Von Net Worth?

At 19, Theo Von made his mark on the world of entertainment as a cast member of MTV’s Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. Now, he stands as an acclaimed American stand-up comedian, actor, and television host, boasting a net worth of $500 thousand.

Net Worth: $500,000
Profession: Stand-Up Comedian, Actor
Age: 42 years
Birth Place: Louisiana, United States
Nationality: American

On March 19, 1980, Theo Von was born in Covington, Louisiana. He rose to fame after his appearances on Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour and Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Von was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2006, Bobby Khan’s Ticket to Hollywood, and In APPropriate Comedy as an actor.

Between 2013 and 2014, Von hosted the television show Deal with It. He also had a part in America’s Prom Queen and Reality Bites Back in 2008. In February 2016, Von released his debut one-hour comedy special via Netflix.

Early Life

Theo Von, born in Louisiana on March 19, 1980, had an affinity for comedy from a young age, finding joy in entertaining others. His parents, Roland Theodor Achilles and Gina Capitani welcomed Theo into the world when his father was 70. With three brothers and two sisters, Theo attended Mandeville High before finally graduating from the University of Orleans.


At nineteen years of age, Theo Von embarked on his professional career in the entertainment industry when he was asked to be part of MTV’s Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour in 2000. During this time, he was a student at Louisiana State University.

After his season on Road Rules, Von went on to participate in four seasons of the reality game show The Challenge (formerly known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge). This program was a satirical version of MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules.

Von placed second in 2002, competing in two out of the four seasons – Battle of the Seasons in 2002, The Gauntlet in 2003–2004, Battle of Sexes II in 2004–2005, and Fresh Meat in 2006.

In 2006, Theo Von competed in the fourth season of Last Comic Standing, winning first place in an online contest. Two years later, Von was part of the Comedy Central sketch/competition program Reality Bites Back. In 2018, he debuted a three-episode written comedy series called Man Up on Comedy Central.

In 2019, Von was cast in the high-profile movie The Tomorrow War but withdrew from the project due to other commitments. A year later, he teamed up with Schaub and D’Elia to form the podcast “King and The Sting and Wing”.

Over the next year, Von took pauses from the show, leaving guest hosts to fill in his role. The podcast was renamed “The Golden Hour” in November 2022, with Workaholics actor Erik Griffin taking Von’s place.

theo von net worth

Personal Life

Von’s dating life has been largely shrouded in mystery. Though at one point it was believed that he had a romantic connection with ex-soccer star Brandi Chastain, those rumors have since died down, and Von remains tight-lipped on any other previous relationships or potential current flames. Because of this, there were unsubstantiated reports of Von’s sexuality, though these were quickly squashed.

Moving on Up

Theo had difficulty breaking into comedy due to the type of show that had given him his biggest public profile up until then – the reality show. However, this all changed when he appeared on “The Last Comic Standing” and won the adoration of the viewers.

He was also supported by the type of work he did – such as being the host of “Prime Time in No Time” and “Deal With It,” both hidden-camera comedy shows. With these opportunities, he gradually worked his way up, eventually making it onto the sets of programs like “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Why? with Hannibal Burress.”

Von is far more of a comic than an actor, as he has demonstrated almost no desire to act. His 2018 release of the three-episode comedy show “Man Up” on Comedy Central speaks to this fact. Now, his biggest accomplishment is hosting his own Netflix series, “Theo Von: Regular People”. It wouldn’t be surprising if this endeavor propelled him further into the limelight and amplified his name and his trademark style of comedy.

Who Are Theo Von’s Parents?

Born on 19 March 1980 in Covington, Louisiana, USA, Theo Von is the child of Roland Theodor Achilles and Gina Capitani, as reported by whatstheirnetworth.

Theo Von Religion

Individuals have been speculating about Theo Von’s faith. If you are one of them, we can answer that query: According to whatstheirnetworth, Theo Von follows the Christian faith.

Theo Von Height and Weight

Theo Von, an acclaimed Stand-up Comedian, and Actor saw the light of day on the 19th of March, 1980. According to superstars, his height is estimated to be around 1.83 meters and his weight is around 75 kilograms.


What is Theo Von’s Total Net Worth?

It is estimated that Theo Von has an approximate net worth of $500,000.

What is Theo Von’s Profession?

An American comedian, actor, and TV star, Theo Von has been entertaining audiences for years.

What is Theo Von’s age?

At the age of 42, Heo Von has reached a milestone.

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