Tisha Campbell Net Worth, Age, Bio, Movies, and TV Shows

American singer and actress Tisha Campbell possesses a net worth of $500 thousand, earned from her involvement in television shows, films, and theatrical productions. Unfortunately, her meager finances can be attributed to money woes endured throughout her marriage to Duane Martin. In 2016, Duane and Tisha both petitioned for bankruptcy, noting their combined debt at $15.1 million and scant assets. When the star filed for divorce in February 2018, she reportedly held only $7 to her name. Tisha Campbell Net Worth

Net Worth:   $500 Thousand
Date of Birth:   Oct 13, 1968 (54 years old)
Place of Birth:   Oklahoma City
Gender:   Female
Height:   5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Profession:   Singer, Actor, Dancer
Nationality:   United States of America

Early Life

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on October 13th, 1968, Tisha Michelle Campbell was the eldest of six children raised in Newark, New Jersey. Her mother was a gospel singer and vocal coach, inspiring Tisha to pursue a career in music.

Her father, an equally passionate singer, devoted his free time to mastering the game of chess. In the end, Tisha furthered her education by attending the Washington Academy of Music.

Tisha Campbell Net Worth


From an early age, Tisha showed a proclivity for acting. By six, she had been featured in an episode of “The Big Blue Marble” and would go on to act in “Kids Are People Too,” “Unicorn Tales,” and “Captain Kangaroo” in subsequent years. In 1986, Campbell was just 16 when she landed a role in “Little Shop of Horrors,” a momentous accomplishment.

After graduating high school, Tisha made the move to Hollywood in order to progress her acting career. It proved to be a beneficial move as she landed a part in the NBC musical-comedy series “Rags to Riches,” although it was unfortunately cancelled in 1988 after a single season.

She then returned to the film industry, and was given the starring role in the movie “School Daze.” During this time, she was cast in other films, including “Rooftops,” “Another 48 Hrs,” “Boomerang,” and all three “House Party” movies.

In 1992, Campbell joined the cast of “Martin,” which was headed by Martin Lawrence. Although the role propelled her career forward, the experience itself was far from positive for Tisha.

She exited the show in 1997 amidst a sexual harassment scandal, after appearing in 122 out of the show’s 132 episodes. She subsequently brought a case against Lawrence, which was settled out of court with a private agreement. The same year, she featured in the film “Sprung.”

In 1998, she booked a role in the Hallmark TV film “The Sweetest Gift” which kickstarted her career in television. From then until 2005, she starred in the ABC sitcom “My Wife and Kids.”

She found time to star in the film “The Last Place on Earth” during this period. Her other recurring roles came in the shows “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Rita Rocks.”

Then, in 2011, she was part of the cast of the police drama series “The Protector.” In 2015, she made a brief appearance in the sitcom “Dr. Ken,” before it was cancelled after two seasons.

Tisha Campbell Net Worth


Tisha Campbell has been an impressive force in the music industry. In 1992, her debut album “Tisha” came out and a single from the soundtrack of “Sprung” soon followed.

During the 90s and 2000s, Campbell made her presence known in several music videos. More recently, she returned to the music scene and released a collection of singles.


In 1996, Tisha Campbell tied the knot with actor Duane Martin, giving birth to two children during the course of their union. Unfortunately, financial difficulties caused an uproar that led to the couple’s separation in 2018 and eventual divorce.


In 2016, Tisha Cambell and Duane Martin petitioned for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. According to documents, the couple’s liabilities totalled an astounding $15 million, compared to a meager $313,000 in assets.

This included $65,000 in real estate and $248,000 in personal property. Reportedly, their monthly income was a mere $7,655 with expenses at almost $17,000.

Additionally, their vehicles included a 2014 Range Rover, a 2016 Range Rover, a 1999 Kawasaki Drifter, and a Jeep Wrangler.

A financial audit exposed the couple’s collective debt of over fifteen million dollars to creditors, with the biggest obligations being to Broadway Federal Bank for a real estate loan of three million dollars, and the City of Los Angeles, who were due $9.5 million in a personal guarantee. Additionally, they failed to pay their taxes, with tens of thousands of dollars still left to be paid.


In February 2018, Tisha brought an end to her 22 year marriage to Duane by filing for divorce. Documents released at the time revealed that while Tisha owned assets totaling $1.5 million, she had no reliable source of income.

Tisha said her monthly expenses totaled $33,000 and that Duane’s income exceeded $62,000 each month. Rumors had circulated for a while that Duane was hiding money with unconventional methods such as a mysterious real estate purchase.

One of the most bizarre claims from Tisha was that Duane had an outrageous 500 shirts that were worth $1,500 each – amounting to $750,000.

Finally in December 2020, the couple’s divorce was settled. Neither party received any alimony or child support. Tisha was given a leased house and 2020 BMW, while Duane was allowed to keep his own leased home, a Bentley and two motorcycles.

Real Estate

In 2009, news circulated that Tisha and Duane had offloaded their property in Lake Arrowhead, California, for $1.597 million – having purchased it for $880,000 in 2004.

This residence included 3,858 square feet of living area and provided access to the lake by way of a dock. Five years later, in 2010, they splurged $900,000 for a primary residence in Chatsworth.

This Chatsworth house was put on the market as part of Duane’s bankruptcy plan, in an attempt to pay off multiple debts – including a loan of $1.5 million by Will Smith.

However, Tisha Campbell opposed to the sale, believing her ex-husband should not benefit from the real estate deal, given the forced circumstances of selling their family home and his heavy debt.

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