Bill Johnson shared an image of his wife, Beni Johnson, on Facebook shortly after her death this week.

 Healthy and free, he wrote alongside the picture of himself holding his woman close as they lay outside together surrounded by wildflowers.

 It only took seconds for people all over social media to react with a mixture of tears and love.

 Their son Brian also posted about it on Instagram,

He goes on to say how much he’ll miss her before adding that we can still find hope in Jesus Christ through grace

which is what will always make us feel whole again.

So while many were already mourning the passing of Mrs. Johnson due to her dedication to loving those around her until she could no longer fight any further,

it became clear soon enough that just because she left this world doesn’t mean she’s gone from our lives forever.

We are still standing with the Johnson family for Beni’s full recovery.

Medicine is a blessing, but today we are in dire need of an even greater one from God Himself.