The Women’s European Championships have a new attendance record with nearly 70 thousand people watching England defeat Austria last week.

Andover 4 million tuned in to watch them take home victory by only one goal!

The England Women’s national football team continues their reign as Europe’s most successful women athletes,

following up a quarter-final appearance at this year’s European Championships by demolishing Norway 8-0 on Saturday.

The win brings them one step closer to achieving another historic feat,

being only the third nation ever (after Germany 1914 & Patrizzi 1990)to have both genders qualify for consecutive tournament finals without any loss or score draw between themselves!

The gender gap in sports is closing as more people are starting to take notice of this increasingly popular female competition.

The Women’s Super League has been growing steadily since it first kicked off back in 2013,

with big brands finally backing them after years on the margins,

even if they’re still largely unknown outside this shores-and influential footballer Kelly Smith earning recognition alongside Pele and Messi at just 32 years old!