Google yesterday celebrated Oskar Sala’s birthday in his 112th year,

but first, they made you work for it a little.

That said, it was worth the wait to see Google show us

how Sala worked on both his music and physics research before ultimately settling down with composition.

In addition to honoring the German composer known for electrifying the world of television and film,

Google introduced its new Pixel 3 smartphone’s camera (which no one will get) and YouTube

Music, is all part of Google’s plan to catch up with Apple, Samsung, Netflix, and other titans of today’s digital landscape.

It was Sala, born in Germany in 1910, who first created sound effects on the mixture-tautonym, a musical instrument that produces sound effects.

As per Google, he electrified the worlds of film, television, and radio.

His parents were both accomplished musicians – his mother was a singer and his father an ophthalmologist