Martin has yet to reply to these claims,

But his attorney Marty Singer said that he was never involved in any romantic or sexual relationship with his nephew.

Marty Singer, Ricky Martin’s attorney said in a statement to TODAY that the singer has never been involved with his nephew and would never engage in any romantic or sexual relationship.

“The idea that we all hope this man gets the help he so urgently needs is both untrue and disgusting,”

exclaimed Mr. Greenfield at his attorney’s stand during opening arguments for today’s trial proceedings against me.

I am pleased with how well prepared my defense team has been.

we will be able to put up quite an argument when it comes time for judgment.”

On Friday, rumors began circulating online about the singer Marty Martin.

Martin’s lawyer spoke to TODAY.

He did not identify the nephew by name and it’s unclear if he has legal representation, but said “We’re looking into this.”