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Why A Puppy Cries When Eating? There are many different reasons. One potential reason is that the pup could be stressed out from all the noise in your home.

Another possible reason is that the food might taste too rich, or there may be something wrong with their teeth which causes them pain every time they chew on a bone.

There are many possibilities – but one thing’s for sure: if you notice your pup crying while eating and can’t figure out why it’s worth taking him to see his vet.

Some Reasons A Puppy Cries When Eating

Although there are many possible reasons for crying while eating, some of the most common ones include:

1. Pain: 

Your puppy may be crying while eating because they are in some kind of pain – this could be due to an infected tooth, mouth ulcers, or swollen tonsils. Taking them to the vet is important because of this.  

 2. Allergies

Diet has been shown to be one of the leading causes of allergies in some people; this includes young puppies. To test if your pup has an allergy, take him to see a vet and ask for allergen testing.

3. Anxiety

Puppies often have anxiety when they experience something new and different from what they’re used to. Puppies cry while eating if they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but there are things you can do to make them feel more comfortable.

 4. Respiratory Problems

If my dog seems to be having trouble breathing for no obvious reason, then it might mean he has been infected with something or has a blockage. I need to take him to the vet as soon as possible to make sure he gets better.  

5. Esophageal Stricture

A dog may have an esophageal stricture if he has been afflicted with many things, such as an infection or blockage. Strictures are known to cause severe pain when your pup tries to eat and they would often yelp while they’re trying to eat.

6. Teething

Puppies usually cry when they are teething because it is quite painful. They don’t want to eat, but you can help them out by giving them a chewing toy or a bone made of beef liver.

7. Gastrointestinal Problems

One common symptom of a gastrointestinal problem is if your puppy cries when they eat. There are two potential causes for this: infection or blockage. You should consult your veterinarian right away if your pup has an intestinal issue.  

Puppy Crying While Eating: What You Can Do

If your dog is crying when he eats, try some of these techniques to soothe him.

1. Change His Diet

If your puppy is allergic to something in its food, it might need a diet change. If it has an intestinal infection, then it needs a diet change too.

2. Give Soft Food

Teething puppies are always hungry and they love soft food. Give them a teething toy or chew on a rawhide bone when they’re feeling sore from new teeth coming in.

3. Comfortable Place To Eat

If your puppy is feeling anxious about eating, try feeding him in a calm environment where he can focus on his food without interruption.

4. Give Pain Medication

If your pet is suffering from an injury or illness, they will require painkillers to alleviate the symptoms and make them feel better.

5. Take Him To The Veterinarian

If your puppy cries every time he eats, take him to the vet for an examination. They’ll find out what caused the problem and create a treatment plan for you.

Where should I focus my attention when it comes to my health?

If your puppy seems to be in pain when eating, it could mean they are suffering from painful health issues such as toothache, gum disease, or tonsillitis. This can happen if your pup is teething, has cavities, or has an infection, which makes them feel sick and uncomfortable.

Take your dog to the vet right away if you suspect something may be wrong so they can receive proper care and treatment.

A Puppy’s Crying Could Mean Less Serious Things?

Some puppies cry when they are growing up. If your puppy is crying but otherwise happy and healthy, you might not need to worry. But if you’re really worried about your dog’s health, then it’s best to consult with a vet ASAP.


One of the first things dog owners learn is that the first time a puppy is fed, it will cry. When this occurs, some owners become concerned that the puppy is in pain or upset. This is not the case. The puppy is only crying because they are being fed. This is a completely normal response in puppies.


Do I have any control over how my puppy feels?

  Making sure your dog’s stomach isn’t always full is important. To do this, provide two or three small meals a day, feed them soft and easy-to-chew food, provide plenty of water for drinking, and keep an eye on how long they’re eating.

When puppies eat, do they all cry?

Not all of the puppies will cry when they are eating. They might not like what you’re giving them.

Why is my puppy crying if he is teething or has gastrointestinal issues?

You don’t need to worry if your pup is only hurting himself when he’s going through something like teething, but if you’re worried about his well-being, it’s always best to ask a vet for advice.

How can I treat my puppy’s toothache?

Puppies may have pain from tooth decay, gum disease, or tonsillitis.

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