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why does my dog kick me when lying down? Ever been kicked by your dog when trying to relax on the couch or in bed? While it may seem like a random act of mischief, there’s actually a reason why your furry friend does it.

One of the most common problems with sleeping is that your dog will periodically wake up and move around. Dogs have a variety in their sleep positions, so here’s what you need to know about why they do it!

You’ll also get tips on how best to help them stay put for hours at a time- without stimulating or irritating either themselves or those around them explore what causes dogs to kick people and offer some tips on how to stop it.

When I am lying down, why does my dog kick me?

The act of kicking your dog when they are sleeping can be both frustrating and dangerous. It may happen anytime, including while you’re washing dishes in the kitchen- which is not something anyone wants to deal with.

Animal experts have offered several reasons as to why this happens but one thing’s for certain: The dominant behavior through which he wants his owner beside him all the time even if they’re resting makes an impact on how much space different breeds take up while laid out prone,

Just like humans find ourselves close after being attacked by another animal or person before feeling secure enough not let ourselves get anymore assaulted until daylight comes back again so we can assess the situation better.

There are many reasons why dogs twitch in their sleep

A dog may kick you while you are sleeping for several reasons, including:

Reflexive Scratching

dogs scratching their paws while being scratched or petted may be doing it to alleviate the feeling of pain. This is because when you scratch an area on your body, like if someone scratches between your toes with sharp nails for example; you try hard not just once but twice (or more) before finally giving up and moving on to something else!

The same concept applies here – even though dogs don’t have Botswana Africa-sized calluses like us humans do thanks mostly due.

why does my dog kick me when lying down


If you’re constantly finding your dog’s feet wet and he impatiently starts kicking after lying next to you, there might be something exciting going on. It could mean that they need outside time or food – but most importantly it means the pet is happy just being with its owner!


If a dog kicks while lying down, it’s likely just playing. However, if your pup keeps pushing you with its feet and seems like he wants some attention from the family then there may be another reason for his playful behavior!

Feeling Insecure or Threatened

If you have a dog, then chances are that they’ve kicked something or someone at some point in their lives. It could be another human being—it might just seem like an aggressive act towards others when really it’s about dominance and protecting yourself from potential threats around the unfamiliar territory with loud noises present for example.

The reason why this happens doesn’t always stay consistent across all situations though; Some animals will only display these behaviors if feeling intimidated by something specific happen such.

Marking Territory

The way dogs behave is so fascinating to me. I always marvel at how they act like wild animals when living in a pack, grooming each other and scent marking everything with their urine or throwing up dirt as an indication of ownership (or just because it feels good).

A dog that scratches the ground before lying down displays ancient behaviors from long before pets were invented – this behavior has been preserved over time through selective breeding; some breeds even growl while doing these things!

Digging Behaviors

Dogs are always trying to make themselves at home, so it’s no surprise that when they dig into something like the floor or bedding all their effort comes together in one spot. Dogs don’t want you touching anything else until after I’ve had my say with them!

Muscle Spasms

Kicking while lying down is not always an act of aggression. If your dog has been kicking for more than 10 minutes, it may be time to take him/her to see the vet.

You should also check with explanations like muscle spasms or cramps; they could simply result from overworking themselves that day (especially if you notice signs such as fatigue).

why does my dog kick me when lying down

Cold Temperatures

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep with a dog who is kicking and twitching all over the place because of cold temperatures. If your pup seems sensitive enough, put on an extra layer or turn up room temperature for them!


Max is always running around in his dreams. Sometimes he will stop to sniff something interesting or play with a toy, but most times you can see him chasing whatever it was that made the noise Max didn’t want to investigate too closely before continuing on towards where Enermax thinks this chase leads next.

One time I even watched as Max snuggled up close against my mother who had fallen asleep watching TV- clearly not happy about being left alone overnight!


When you pet a dog, it can feel like an affectionate massage. If your pooch is sleeping and kicking its foot or pushing against the side of their body to get away from heat source (you), then this might mean they want some more room because that’s automatic behavior which comes out without thinking!


There are a few different reasons why your dog may kick when lying down, and unfortunately some of them are more serious than others. One possibility is that your dog is experiencing minor seizures, which can cause involuntary twitching and stiffness.

If you notice your dog passing out, falling, drooling, or seeming unable to focus, it’s important to call the vet right away. Petit mal seizures usually don’t require treatment unless they become more frequent or severe.

A few tips for handling a dog that kicks:

When you’re sleeping, your dog might be excited and cause them to kick. To avoid this problem try staying cool with what’s happening around us– Playing or interacting can make it worse.

If we find ourselves bored after an eventful day at home then there is nothing wrong in entertaining our pets through playing games like walking outside together as well as doing other activities.

which help get rid of boredom such shift bedding positions when necessary so they are more comfortable while lying on their sides.It might have something doe dwith beingiates from having been spayed or neutered.

Final Thoughts

The article has given you a better understanding of why does my dog kick me when lying down. Understanding your pup’s behavior can help in raising happy and healthy buddies! If there are any questions, feel free to contact us with these concerns because we want what is best for all our dogs just like they do too.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the reason that my dog kicks me when I attempt to leash her?

If you are struggling to get your dog’s attention, it could be because she doesn’t like the feeling of a leash around her neck. She might also want us take another step back before going any further with this walk and consult an expert on behaviour modification if needed!

When my dog sleeps, why does she keep kicking me?

Kicking and rolling around in bed, many dogs dream about chasing rabbits or running fast. While this is usually nothing to worry about unless your pet seems agitated when they wake up from their nap! If you notice that he’s been doing it more often than usual then talk with his vet just in case there might be an issue going on health wise
If not – don’t forget these adorable dreams are still part of being a dog.

Do dogs kick you when you try to pet them?

As much as we enjoy petting our dogs, sometimes they don’t seem too keen on the attention. If your pup kicks at you consistently when trying to give her a hug or touch in an area that doesn’t feel comfortable for either one of us – then I recommend consulting with someone who can tell us why and how this happened so it stops happening!

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