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If your dog has been patiently waiting outside the shower while you’ve showered, there may be a few explanations for this behavior. In this post, we’ll explore some of them so that you know what to do if it continues. why does my dog sit outside the shower?

There are many potential reasons why dogs might sit outside the shower when their humans use one. It could be because they’re trying to guard against perceived threats and intruders; they’ve learned from previous experience that this action is rewarded; or simply because this is how they’ve always done things!

There are many reasons why dogs might start urinating in the house. It may be that you need medical attention or that they are trying to inform you of something.   Whatever the case, it helps to figure out what makes each cause more likely before getting your dog under control.

Here are some reasons your dog sits outside the shower

Below are three possible explanations for why your dog likes to sit outside the bathroom while you’re taking a shower and why each one may be true depending on the situation.

Separation anxiety

It is possible that the cat has separation anxiety. If the animal is nervous when you go to shower and also becomes anxious when you leave home or go to bed, this would be an indicator of its condition. Other symptoms of separation anxiety in animals can include pacing around or crying.

Encouraging it

It may be possible that it has figured out that being patient at the door of the shower will result in rewards. For instance, if you typically give them attention, treats, or even toys whenever they wait patiently at the door of the shower– they’ll likely continue to do so.


Dogs are pack animals, which can sometimes make them feel the need to be close to others in their group. The reason why your dog might want to follow you into the shower could very well stem from its innate wish to be near you – a member of its pack, who both feeds and protects it. If this tendency is also seen outside of when they’ve just been fed or exercised then this would most probably mean that it trusts you enough.


The reason could be that the dog wants to keep you safe. For example, when other people or animals are nearby, it may act overly protective toward you. It might also act this way if there aren’t any signs of anxiety and it doesn’t seem to be waiting for anything from you.


Dogs may not be as curious about things as cats are, but they’re still inquisitive enough to wonder what’s happening when there is running water. The sound of water flowing out of the shower head and into the drains, or even the scent of certain shower gels – this is all it takes for an inquisitive pup to pop his head in for a closer look.

Dogs who love being outdoors and swimming around might show more interest than other breeds. They might also investigate anything new happening in your house – like if you go from one room to another while they’re home alone.


Dogs are pack animals – historically living and traveling with one another in close-knit groups. Similarly, this trait can be seen in the domestic dog’s wild cousins such as wolves, jackals, and wild dogs. But when it comes to dogs – every member of the family belongs to the pack. And that includes their very own human owners too.

Now, not only do they have a responsibility to watch over one another but also find comfort in being part of a group – so much so that your pup may follow you into the shower because he sees you as one of them too!

Here are some considerations

When determining the reason for your dog’s behavior, consider the following factors.

When it first started, what else happened?

When your dog sits outside the shower, it can be for many reasons- but most likely one of them is that they’re trying to do what they’ve been taught. For example, they may understand that sitting there makes people pay attention to them or think that standing near an exit may lead them out faster than usual. Perhaps they’re feeling anxious without you around and thus need some company.

The difference between sitting outside the shower with your dog and inside

If you know the usual times that your dog likes to sit outside of a shower, it may help you figure out why this is happening. If they do not behave similarly when they’ve already been fed or had enough exercise, then there may be some other reason why they are behaving this way.

Observe its body language

It can also help to keep in mind how it behaves when you’re getting ready for bed. If it exhibits signs of apprehension such as crying, huddling, or pacing, then this might be a sign that its behavior is due to separation anxiety. On the other hand, if it appears more relaxed while waiting outside the bathroom while you’re getting ready for bed, then this might indicate that its behavior arises from feelings of security and protection coming from you instead.

How to deal with your dog sitting outside the shower

Limit reasons for anxiety

It’s important to take care of an animal when you’re away from them. One thing we can do to make sure they stay healthy while you’re gone make sure they’ve eaten, exercised, and peed before we leave them alone.

It should not be encouraged

As mentioned earlier, it may seem that the dog has learned to follow you because of rewards. If so, try to reward it when it doesn’t follow you and punish it if it does by going around back or turning off lights.

Training based on positive reinforcement

A positive reinforcement system involves giving rewards for desired behavior and withholding rewards for undesired behavior. For example, if you want your dog to stop following you around the house, start heading towards the door – but only give her a treat or pat her after she’s been sitting there without following you.

Keeps Them Cool

Dogs may prefer sitting outside the shower when it’s hot out. This is because when a dog stands on or near their owner or even themselves inside a running shower, they’re likely to feel hotter than if they stood next to the open door of an unoccupied bathroom while someone showers. Showers can be very chilly – even winter-cold – which is one reason why many people prefer them over baths!

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Does Sitting Outside the Shower Harm Dogs?

While there are some benefits to dogs sitting outside the shower, such as convenience for owners and increased access to water, it’s also okay for them to do so. Many dogs enjoy sitting outside the shower and find this comforting – though prolonged periods of time may be indicative of other feelings or emotions going on inside their heads. If you think your dog is anxious or stressed out because they’re spending too much time out of the bathroom, please contact a veterinarian.

When My Dog Sits Outside the Shower, Should I Discourage Him? 

There is no easy way to discourage your dog from sitting outside the shower. Some owners may choose to remove benefits if their pup sits outside the shower. Others might find it easier to redirect their behavior by distracting them with a toy or by taking them out for a quick walk around the block.


Why does my dog sit outside the shower? The purpose of this article is to explain some of the possible causes of this behavior. If none seem plausible, it is always worth consulting with a specialist to ensure your pet gets the best treatment possible.

Frequently Asked Question

Can all the dogs be found outside the shower?

There are some dogs who sit outside the shower, but not all. It is common for some people to stand or lie down near the shower, but not to enter it.

Can I shower with my dog?

There are different opinions among people about whether or not it’s okay for dogs to be in the shower.

Where does my dog lay outside my bathroom?

Your dog might be laying outside your bathroom for a number of different reasons. Some dogs might lay there because they are feeling anxious about being separated from you, but other dogs may do it to stay near their pack mates.

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