Why Does My Puppys Breath Smell Like Poop

Why Does My Puppys Breath Smell Like Poop? You might have heard the rumor that a dog’s breath smells like peanut butter. But, in reality, you may be smelling poop! It is just as gross as it sounds. The smell could be coming from your puppy’s mouth or stomach because they consume a lot of food and water throughout the day.

Well, dogs eat a lot of grass and drink lots of water throughout the day, which can lead to poop that has gone through their system. This can cause their breath to smell like poop

Poop odor in my puppy’s breath

A puppy who’s just turned five months old may start smelling a little bit like feces because of teething. Teeth usually come in around this age, and due to the irritation on gum tissue, tooth plaque starts building up, releasing foul odors throughout his mouth which often come out as fecal smells.

Not only do teeth affect how we taste things, but they also create all sorts of issues for dogs too. When your dog has an upset stomach from teething (which will happen), then their breath will also smell like diarrhea or poop- most likely both! Here are some steps you can take if you want to avoid such problems and want to alleviate whatever pain might be caused by such situations

Puppy breath that smells like poop can be caused by several factors

There are many factors that could make your pup’s breath smell like poop. These include

Stomach Problems

When they eat certain foods or don’t drink enough water, puppies may breathe through their mouths and make their breath smell like poop. As a consequence of this gas created by stinky food, there are always some things that might contribute to bad breath – such as eating strong-smelling foods or drinking alcohol.

 Dental Problems

It’s hard to keep up with everything that goes on in a day, but if you have time before or after work, there is nothing better than watching your new best friend play around outside.

It’s hard to keep up with everything that goes on in a day, but if you have time before or after work, there is nothing better than watching your new best friend play around outside.

Bad Diet

If your pup is eating food that isn’t healthy for him, he’ll end up having some pretty smelly breath. Make sure you’re always giving him the best of everything to help keep his mouth from stinking.


Stress might just make your pup’s breath smell worse than usual. It has been shown to cause an increase in bacteria in the mouth, leading to bad breath that smells like poop!


It’s common knowledge that dogs can get worms too, and this is one of the leading causes of a doggy breath smelling like feces. They might live inside of the intestines before releasing their vile egg which produces this unpleasant scent because well… it smells just like feces.

Keep Your Pup’s Breath Fresh With These Tips

There are several effective ways to keep your pup’s drool and breath fresh so they don’t smell like they just ate a pile of stinky poop.

Brushing His Teeth

You can also prevent bad breath by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. Regularly washing your pup’s teeth and gums can rid him of plaque and bacteria, preventing him from passing these on to you when he licks you

Feeding A High-Quality Diet

Pets usually have pretty great breath – unless they eat something bad. So, it stands to reason that one of the best ways to keep their pet’s breath smelling fresh would be by feeding them a high-quality diet. That way they’ll always be getting enough nourishment and never smell foul or sour.

Giving Him Chew Toys

  You can provide comfort for your puppy’s pain and irritation by giving him a chew toy when he has an unpleasant odor from his mouth when he is teething.  

Taking Him To The Vet

Do not hesitate to take your pup to the vet if there is a health issue. They’ll be able to diagnose and treat it accordingly

Reducing Stress

Letting your pet live in peace will prevent them from experiencing high levels of stress which may lead to halitosis. Start by providing them with an appropriate environment for their needs, making sure they’re given enough exercise and food each day, and practicing some commands so that they don’t feel like misbehaving all the time.

How Do You Clean The Teeth And Gums Of Your Puppy?

If your pet has a less than fresh smell coming from its mouth, you need to make sure they’re getting cleaned up. This will help eliminate bacteria and plaque left in the mouth; helping them keep their pearly whites!


You’ll need to grab some doggy toothpaste. Don’t buy any human brands, as they could hurt your pup.


A regular toothbrush or a specific dog toothbrush


After brushing your pup’s teeth, always make sure you keep some clean water nearby for rinsing his mouth.

Step 1:

Add some water and toothpaste to the brush before brushing.

Step 2:

Make sure you brush in a circular motion, side-to-side and up-and-down for 2 minutes.

Step 3:

After you brush your pet’s teeth, use water to rinse its mouth.


This might seem obvious but your dog’s breath may give off an odor, especially if they don’t maintain it regularly. Dog spit isn’t usually gross; it’s just mostly water so there isn’t much substance inside of it that can make its way out. However, what does come out will create gas inside the dog’s lungs which might cause bad odors to seep through their mouths or noses when they exhale and later, inhale fresh air from outside.


How come my four-month-old puppy has stinky breath?

There are three different reasons for four-month-old puppies to have bad breath. Dental problems can cause them; an upset stomach can also do it; and lastly, a parasite like a worm might also produce this kind of smell. Your pup needs veterinary attention if the bad breath does not dissipate soon enough.

How bad is the breath on all the puppies?

  There are some puppies without bad breath, but not all. It means your pup has a dental issue and an upset stomach if his breath smells like poop. Seek immediate medical attention.  

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