Zach Avery Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2023?

Zach Avery Net Worth In the year 2023, Zachary Joseph Horwitz, who goes by his stage name Zach Avery, was arrested for allegedly being involved in a $227 million Ponzi scheme. Avery gained fame after appearing on TV shows such as The White Crow and Last Moment of Clarity. At the time of arrest, he had an estimated worth of five million dollars.

Full Name Zachary Joseph Horwitz
Birth Date December 5, 1986
Birth Place Berkeley, California, United States
Profession Actor
Girlfriend Mallory Horwitz
Net Worth $5 million

Early life

Born on December 5th, 1986 in Berkeley, CA, Zach Avery grew up with only one parent- his mother. They moved frequently during this time until they settled down in Fort Wayne, IN when he was 10. From then on out it would just be them two until the day she passed away.

Zach Avery’s Net Worth & Career

Zach has been making waves for quite some time now, with his first film debut in 2009 as a minor character in G. E. D., followed by his breakthrough role in The Duel two years later. Though he didn’t seem to make much headway from there, Zach continued trying relentlessly for bigger roles- and eventually broke back through with appearances on Feign and Nameless.

Since then, Zach has appeared in several films, including Shifter, The Laughing Man, and Fury. In 2017 he was given a chance to show his exceptional acting skill in the mystery thriller film Curvature. He gave an incredible performance as Alex in this movie.

Avery got another opportunity to establish himself as a talented actor with his next significant role coming in the 2018 biographical drama film The White Crow. He delivered an impressive performance as Michael Jones in this film. His most recent work was seen back in 2020 when he made appearances in the science fiction film Last Moment of Clarity which stars him as Sam.

Zach Avery’s Personal Life

Zach Avery is a wedded man. He put rings on it with his hairstylist wife, Mallory Horwitz. The 35-year-old actor (and father of two), Zach Avery was arrested last Friday for an alleged wire fraud charge involving an estimated $227 million Ponzi scheme that conned investors into believing that his company 1inMM Capital had secured licensing deals with platforms like HBO and Netflix; while court documents show he’s now being held at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center until trial due to what appears to be no fewer than three federal charges ranging from conspiracy and securities fraud to mail and wire fraud – where reports have indicated that bail has been set at the initial figure of $1 million (which can’t buy happiness).

Zach Avery’s Net Worth

It was reported by the SEC that Zach Avery had purchased a $5.7 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles after he had been charged with stealing money from his company. The property includes a cinema theater, wine cellar, and gymnasium.

He has also spent around $137,000 on private jets. Likewise, Zach paid the whopping amount of $700,000 to a celebrity Interior designer. Nevertheless, his exact net worth value has not been disclosed yet.

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